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      How Much is 18 seater Hiace Bus in Nigeria

      I was told N2.5 million last four years I inquired about the price of 18 seater Hiace bus. Please do anyone know the current price of the bus?

      Asked by Chinwe on September 30, 2017 in Business.
      4 Answers
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      Hi, the last time the price was 2.5million wasn’t a brand new.
      You can get a tokunbo for such an amount but the bus may not travel far.
      Here are the current price of Toyota Hiace Bus.
      2014 Model Diesel = 10 – 11 million
      2014 Model Petrol = 8 – 10 million
      2017 Model Diesel = 17 million
      2017 Model Petrol = 16 million

      Bear in mind that these prices are not constant. It may either drop or increase.

      Answered by aridedon on October 1, 2017..
      Active Member

      4 years is quite a long time. Nigeria’s economy has since witnessed alot of upheavals, especially the devaluation of the Naira, which has understandably increased the price of imported goods. From the price quote mentioned by you, you seem to be interested in a second hand Toyota Hiace bus. Today, getting a clean Toyota Hiace hummer bus requires quite a substantial amount, as the price currently hovers within the range of N8,000,000 to N10,000,000.

      You did not specify the engine type you want, as a Hiace bus can either come with a diesel engine or a petrol engine. Cars with diesel engines cost more than those with petrol engines. The cost given above is for a petrol engine Hiace bus. In Nigeria, petrol engines are preferred over diesel engines. For a brand new Toyota Hiace bus, the cost ranges from N15,000,000 to N20,000,000 depending on the model and the dealer. These are the current price list for Toyota Hiace buses. Comparing the prices with what you had been told earlier, you can notice a huge price difference. The current exchange rate regime can be blamed for this increase. I hope i answered your question satisfactorily.

      Feel free to ask further questions on areas you don’t understand.

      Answered by Feng Choji on September 30, 2017..
      Active Member

      Hello everyone, thanks for the answers, it wasn’t a new one. It was a tokunbo bus that I inquired then. So @Aridedon is this price list new one or tokunbo?

      Answered by Chinwe on October 1, 2017..
      Expert Consultant

      The price list is for new ones

      Answered by Adebisi Opeyemi on October 2, 2017..