How Should I build A Snail Pen I An Uncompleted Building

Hello Snail farmers and consultant,

I want to use one room from my uncompleted building to build a snail pen but don’t know how and what type of pen i should construct in the building. I also want to know number of snail that it can accommodate.

Look forward to your response.


New Member Asked on April 4, 2017 in Agriculture.
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You can build  movable pens made of  wood or plank, wire gauze and wire netting. Is the building roofed? You can  call me on 08023918899 or send email to and lets talk

New Member Answered on April 13, 2017.
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Please, send me your face book address let me post a sample of a snail pen from my farm. You can also contact me through

New Member Answered on May 4, 2017.
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