How to Apply for Youwin and How Much can I Apply for?

How do I apply for Youwin and how much can I apply for? Kindly give me any idea you think will be useful to me.

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The YouWin is a yearly Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria to help them develop a perfect business idea. Also we can say that its an innovative business plan competition aimed at job creation by encouraging and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youth in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas.

YouWiN, a multimedia programme of the Federal Ministry of Finance, opened ​registration ​on July 24.

Application ​will ​close​ on​ August 30th, 2017

​To apply:

Go to the YouWin Connect Registration Form page.

You are required to enter your details.

Fill in other requested information. A message showing successful marks commencement of your application for the YouWin Connect programme​


– Applicants must have post-secondary school qualification.
– Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 40.
– Applicants must be Nigerians and resident in Nigeria.
– Applicants businesses must be domiciled in Nigeria.
– Applicants must be able to communicate effectively ​(​speaking and writing​)​ in English.
– Applicants must be willing to attend all trainings and mentoring exercises organized by the programme.
– Applicants must not be an employee of the Nigerian Civil Service.

If you need anything else, ask me below

Expert Consultant Answered on April 21, 2018.
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When are they going to start this 2018 registration

New Member Answered on July 13, 2018.
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i will advice you keep alert to the news. Its always very popular. Just keep checking out.

Expert Consultant Answered on July 19, 2018.
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