How To Build Muscle Fast In 180 Days?

 It’s well-known fact that,muscle that R most used tend to get stronger and muscles, which you do not use often to get weaker/smaller.

So, it is Must that if we need to  use of the muscles we want make stronger & bigger. Now, there are plenty of sports, exercises, and modalities that will pump blood in your muscles and make them grow bigger.

1. Know the number of calories you need to grow bigger

Multiply your current weight in pounds to 20. If you weigh 130 pounds, that’s 130 x20 = 2600 calories daily.

2. Exercise big muscle groups to jump start the muscle building process

The largest muscle groups are the leg, back and chest muscles.

As your muscles get used to the heavy load, you may need to shock it by constantly changing the weight you lift. If you used 100 pounds on your bench press during your first week of training, try to add 10 pounds for the second week. Add another 10 pounds on the following week and so on. The same goes for other body parts.

3. Alter your exercise routine………

4. Do partial lifts……..

5.6. Use the right muscle enhancers

To Be Continued…

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You want to get big Muscle in 180 days. You will just kill yourself.

Working out takes time, it takes years of hard work. Dedication, motivation, perseverance and sweat.

People who use steroids always regret it.

Just give yourself some times. No pain, no gain!

Expert Consultant Answered on October 31, 2017.
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