How To Join Nollywood

I want to join the movie industry but don’t know how, anybody with useful information should help out.

New Member Asked on February 2, 2018 in Movie.
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First thing you need to ask yourself truthfully is, am i good in acting  if yes then you are on the right track but  if you are undecided about it don’t go for it. Here are some tips i think you should apply if you want to join Nollywood.

  1.  Attends many auditions as possible, it improves your chances of being in Nollywood movies
  2. Follow Nollywood celebrities on social media as some of them give opportunity to young aspiring actors like opportunity of a lifetime
  3. Bring your A game when you audition for a role.
  4. Be yourself always
  5. Improve on your craft

I hope with these few points of my i am able help you in a way.

Active Member Answered on February 6, 2018.
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Being a highly creative industry,you must be driven to make meaningful progress. Sometimes the process can be frustrating but only your passion will keep you in track. Having the required academic qualifications is the first step. having a degree in theatre arts is a plus although it does not mean that there is no hope for those who specialised in other fields.
You should be engaged in extensive networking and also frequent hubs where the action is likely to be. It’s is advisable that you take advantage of the social media to market yourself. These are additional ways you can easily achieve your dreams

Active Member Answered on February 12, 2018.
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