How to Make Money from Selling Virgin Human Hair

Virgin human hair is still in fashion (even in Nigeria). The exchange rate and international spending limit has caused problems for a while, but still. As many business people realized from the recession, you can never go out of business doing female fashion. And thankfully, international spending has been increased recession by CBN. You can manage.

1. Get a reliable factory supplier – maximize profit (china, Europe, north America). China is common, but the problem is a lot of fake stuffs out there. Don’t get me wrong, i do business with Chinese people and they are the most honest and reliable people. But also, there are a few dishonest ones. A test order, twice, thrice may be the best option before going full scale.

2. Now consider three ingredients for success: quality product, cheaper pricing & fast delivery

  • is your product better quality than competitor? This is a good reason why a customer would leave her former supplier and come to you
  • If your better product priced cheaper? Not necessary cheaper than competitor’s but cheaper relatively. Your product A” last 2 yrs and priced at 10 naira to another seller product B” which last only 1 yr and sells for 8 naira.
  • No one would wait for his order forever. Try to deliver as fast as possible. From experience, no one wants to wait for hair extensions more than a week.

Next is to brand your product so you have a name that stands out.

A website for online orders and online presence (including social media) would be great

Remember to treat old customers well. There is higher chance of them buying again  than convincing nee ones

If you have a salon, selling your hair as side business helps a lot

Get a lot of information about human hair and care. Your customers expects that you know everything

Lastly, you may face one problem. Purchase on credit. Never give out hair on credit. However, to push sales, give out only when customer pays the full cost price. If they pay the profit later, nice. If they don’t, you still have no loss

I am willing to mentor for free:

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Come and thank me later 🙂

New Member Asked on September 16, 2017 in Fashion.
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I hope this helps or enlightens somebody….

Expert Consultant Answered on September 16, 2017.
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This is impressive, with the increasing volume of women around the world today, the fashion industry is indeed a growing one, and with this kind of free mentorship, i hope people that are interested in the Business (Especially Women) will maximize this Opportunity!


Thanks you @Techie Bee for offering a FREE MENTORSHIP, that’s Kind.

Active Member Answered on September 16, 2017.
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thanks i will contact you soon

New Member Answered on September 18, 2017.
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This article is sure an eye opener for those who want to venture into the business. Great job!

Active Member Answered on September 18, 2017.
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