How To Make My Website Rank On Search

I have paid professionals but nobody has been able to help me crack the search engine optimization code for my website


What am I doing wrong?

Do I need targeted paid traffic from Nigeria?

Any suggestions?

You can evaluate my website:

Every feedback is welcomed.


New Member Asked on November 22, 2016 in SEO.
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I have seen your site and there is absolutely no reason why it should rank for anything. Or is there any special reason that make you think you deserve to rank? Now, here are some of the genuine reasons your site is not ranking.

  1. Your domain has zero authority. One of the ranking signals that Google deploy in ranking web pages is the domain authority. So many factors helps them determine domain authority such as the domain name age, reputation, and brand equity. You have none of these.
  2. Most of your content aren’t original. Google try to rank web pages that are bringing new value to the internet. To determine this, they programmatically look at the originality of the contents, especially when your site is new with little or zero domain authority.
  3. You have no content architecture. Your content has to be original before you talk about content architectural planning which must be well defined if you hope to rank your pages. In other words, its not just enough to have original content, those content must be well planned with a good architectural-like layout.
  4. You have no particular keywords targeting. You’re talking about ranking, what exactly do you want to rank on? Which keywords would you want your content to be seen on when searched? The content architecture I mentioned earlier means planning your contents base on the target keywords. Trying to rank without properly planned keywords can be liken to traveling without a destination.

First of all, invest in knowledge. Try to understand why contents rank on search engines. Have a reason for creating a website and those reasons should propel your content creation. For now you have no reason for having your website other than, probably you want to make money.

Pro Consultant Answered on November 22, 2016.
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