How to Start a Business Supplying Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) in Nigeria

How to Start a Business Supplying Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) and other Palm Kernel Products to Companies.

Known in Nigeria as Adin Dudu, palm kernel oil is a tropical oil extracted from the kernel of a palm tree. A lot of people use it every day without even knowing much about it! This article will explore some of palm kernel oil benefits and dangers, as well as its uses.

Uses of palm kernel oil Read more:
✻ Industry. Palm kernel oil is often used in all sorts of household items. It might surprise you, but you can find it in candles, washing powder, rubber, inks for printing and even medicine!
✻ Fuels. If a person’s house is in the rural area and is not connected to electricity, it is possible to use palm kernel oil to fuel lamps. It can also fuel diesel engines, as it is an important ingredient in biodiesel.
✻ Food. People often use this sweet-smelling oil in baking. It gives the bread and cakes that unforgettable aroma. One can also use it as a substitute for vegetable or olive oil.
✻ Weaponry. It might surprise you, but palm kernel oil was used in World War II as a weapon! It contains the palmitic acid, which is used to make napalm. Fun fact: the term ‘napalm’ is the name of the two key ingredients put together (naphthenic and palmitic acids).
✻ Cosmetics. Palm kernel oil is famous for its uses in the beauty industry. It is used to make all sorts of hair products, creams for the skin and soaps. Let’s look more closely at the benefits of palm kernel oil for hair and skin.
You can agree with more that there is a high demand of Palm Kernel Oil and other palm kernel products.
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