How To Start a Leather Shoe Business For Exporting

Good day,
Please i want know to how start a leather shoe making business and how to start exporting it. Suggestions are needed thanks.

New Member Asked on March 21, 2018 in Business.
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Shoe business is a very lucrative business idea of our time. Everybody wears shoe. Starting a business around what everybody like is a very nice plan.

Everybody wears shoes; they are basic fashion accessories necessary to complete an outfit. For this purpose, there is large market and big opportunity for you to make money in shoe manufacturing business. Shoes come in various shapes and sizes, and are worn for different purposes.

So to start this business, get some training first.

– Selecting Your Niche
There are different types of shoes for different functions. By selecting your niche, you will have to decide what type of shoes you want to manufacture.

– Location
The important thing is to have access to market for your shoes

– Tools and Raw Materials
You need tools and materials to get started. These are usually taken care of when you work under a professional as part of your training

– Branding
Branding involves creativity; it is a necessity that you must put in place if you desire to stand out among the competition.

– Marketing and Advertisement
To stay relevant in this dynamic evolving business of footwear production, you will need good market strategies. Use all available means to advertise your business. For a small-scale business, the cheapest, yet effective advertising method you can use is word of mouth. When you produce high quality shoes, your customers will spread the word about your craft. The catch is you have to make quality shoes.

  • Importation

You will need a platform to sell your your shoe in the foreign state. You can start as a supplier on alibaba or do a dropshipping to amazon and sell your shoe there.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 21, 2018.
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