How To Start And Run A Gas Depot As A Beginner

How to attain the license permit/cost of permit, cost of setting it up, the target margin, cost of equipment, market adaptability, national and local authorities, industry association and the effect on recession on it.

New Member Asked on November 18, 2016 in Technology.
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What you’re asking here is the result you will get from your feasibility/market research.  To attain the license permit to build gas station, you will need some other permits first.

You will need the following permits:

1. Police Report
2. Fire Planning Approval
3. Town Planning Permit
4. State Land and Physical Planning Permit
5. Department of Petroleum Resources License

You need the following documents to process both the State L&P and DPR permits:

1. Environmental Impact Assessment
2. Mechanical Drawing
3. Architectural Drawing
4. Structural Drawing
5. Electrical Drawing

You still need some more documents for the DPR license, which is the ultimate license needed to operate a gas plant.
Generally, the cost of permits/license varies from State to State and Company to Company. Your contacts at the agencies and negotiations skills also come into play in determining the cost.

I need to know the state you want to site the plant to give an estimate.

It is not advisable to construct an LPG plant in a residential area. It is best to look for a commercial site close to the expressway, where LPG trucks that need to carry out delivery of gas to the site can easily turn and maneuver their way in and out of the site.

Pro Consultant Answered on November 19, 2016.
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