How/Where To Find Profesionals To Manage Poultry Farm

Hello everyone,

i am new to this blog so still trying to find my way around it.

i am looking for professionals with a lot of experience in managing poultry farm to recruit for a medium sized poultry farm. Any information on this would help and any enquirers are welcome (see my email below)

Darlington I have also tried to find a way communicate directly with you without any luck, when I click send message it takes me back to “sign in” page, pls help.


New Member Asked on December 22, 2016 in Agriculture.
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I know a very skilled professional, I came across the man when I wanted to set up my poultry farm. Call him on 09092565091

New Member Answered on December 27, 2016.
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I can link you will  professionals. You can reach me on: 08036868977.

New Member Answered on January 3, 2017.
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