I Need A Permant Solution For Water Odour And Iron From My Borehole

Am into water business but my borehole being the source of my water has odour and high ion, please I want to know how I will treat the problem for a lasting solution

New Member Asked on November 20, 2016 in Technology.
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What system have you been using to purify your water or you haven’t been purifying it at all? Like @Forge4Profit rightly said, your best bet is Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System. Expensive but worth every penny you invested.


Pro Consultant Answered on November 21, 2016.
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Good day

the best solution would be to invest in a industrial reverse osmoses water system. if you want to go into the water  business, this would be a advantage. This is the same system most water business use, as it will remove all odour, and solids  from your water, through a filter and UV system. there is a lot of suppliers , but be aware that the system do require service by the installer so it would be advisable to get in contact with a local supplier, even if cost could be more, but it is easier to have a technician on hand should any break down occur.


Active Member Answered on November 21, 2016.
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