Is Blogging That Profitable


I will like to know if blogging is that profitable than online surveys?

If it is that profitable, how do bloggers get their money with free content they roll out?

Return Member Asked on August 6, 2016 in Technology.
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Your question is the same as asking if Carpentry is profitable or Engineering is profitable. You can build a profitable business out of every profession if you take it as business and define your own winning strategy. How you make money from blogging depends on what you want. You can make money from your blog by developing a salable product. See this article:- Why Blogs Fail Even Before Starting

Pro Consultant Answered on August 6, 2016.
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Blogging is very profitable if you know the right way to go about it. If you want to excel in blogging biz you will need to avoid copy and paste by all means. People are searching for information on daily basis that need answers, blog about what you know best with time you will surely become a successful blogger.  You make money by applying for pay per click ads company code on your site like Taboola, Rev content, Google adsense etc. And with time you can start getting direct ads on your blog.

Active Member Answered on August 6, 2016.
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Long story short. Blogging is still as profitable as ever.  I will pick blogging over online survey any day .

On how people make money, majority  is through advert, advert and advertisements.

Just my opinion!

Return Member Answered on August 8, 2016.

You are correct. 90% of blogging revenues comes from adverts. Not only blog, every social media platforms

on August 8, 2016.
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