Is It Possble to Register a Company Without An Office

Hello sir, I want to register my company Name, logo and design, I’m into clothing line, but I don’t have a shop yet, I do more of supply, kindly put me through on how to go about it. Thanks

Active Member Asked on March 21, 2018 in Business.
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Registering a business is not just something you do just because everyone is doing it. You registering your business shows that you are making your business brand official. It shows you are really into business real time.

You will need an address to register and since you don’t have a shop, what address will you use? You can always change your address if you want, but believe me, a business that changes address all the time is a low show to the customers.

If your business is little like you asked above, you can keep to it till you get a place you can call your shop which will serve as your address.

You will need a shop or a place you can tag as you address and if you want to just use anyone, just think about it.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 21, 2018.
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