Local Chicken Farming in Nigeria (How to Rear in a Cage)

In rearing off local chicken I don’t know if I can rear 50-70 chickens in a big cage. If yes what size is it suppose to be. Thank you

New Member Asked on October 4, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Yes, it is possible.  Am sure you have a very good reason why you want to rear local chickens in a cage. 
Local chickens are smart, aggressive and can learn to follow instructions. If you could get enough baskets or somewhere you want them to stay and get them used to the place, in the evening time, you will see them around where you want them to be.
They eat just like a local human beings. It’s easy to give layers, broilers etc. food while in their cage than local chickens because they are always hungry. That’s why leaving them in house environment is one of the best for local chickens. They can take care of themselves and get anything eatable around.
However, if you are still determined to put them in a cage, make sure the cage is big. To house 50-70 local chickens in a cage, the cage would be as big as a room because you don’t want to choke them.
I hope that helps.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 2, 2017.
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Hello Sir,

The local Kuroiler is very big in size; and  we suggest you can choose a good strong cage.

If you feed chicken in wood cage, you can build with some gap for manure dropping, and

and equipped with water pipes and nipples, some food feeders.



New Member Answered on November 29, 2017.
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