How Much Does It Cost To Start a Photography Business

Entertainment business in Nigeria is currently worth more than $4billion and photography is part of entertainment.  With so much money to be tapped from this industry, some many people will want to know venture into the business but don’t how to go about it. So how much does it cost to start a photography business in Nigeria.

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Some professions and business might begin with a little or no cash at all, while for some, It takes money to make money.

That being said, some things will make you more money and get your business off the ground a lot faster than others. You’ll find that some purchases end up being a waste of money, and when you’re first starting out it’s easy to make those regrettable purchases.

Here are the things you will need to start a photography business. This will just be a rough estimate, you will have to find out the accurate price from where you want to buy them.

1. Camera
You will need a DSLR camera. The price ranges from #80,000 to #2,000,000. Various products and various abilities.

2. A photography blog
This is optional though, but packaging can really help a business grow.

3. A business card.
This Is also optional. But what is worth doing is worth doing well.

4. Editing software.
Photoshop will do really well.

5. External hard drive
You know this is important.

6. Maybe extra lens
This is also optional.

7. You will need light. Especially if you decide to have a studio where people can come take photo session.

I have seen people started this business with just only the camera. It depends on how you want it.

With around #250,000 you can start and set it all up.

You could get a camera of #80,000 and also start with that, then you grow.

The ball is in your Court.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 4, 2018.
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