I Need Goat Buyer(In Large Quantity) In Ibadan

Hello everyone, I need goat buyer who can buy minimum of 100 matured goat at a time. I’m located at Ibadan. To reach me comment below.

New Member Asked on February 16, 2018 in Agriculture.
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My friend started this same business about a year ago in Akure. He was looking for people to buy in bulk until i advice him to use this simple tactics.

The idea is,

Finding somebody that will buy 100 matured goat at a time can be really be a hard task if not mission impossible. Such a person would definitely have a supplier before except he is just new in the business.

The simple tactics that help my friend is meeting with restaurants and bars. As simple as that. You will be surprised you can sell more than 100 goats from talking to several restaurants and bars.

Mouth to mouth advert also is an advantage. You tell people that tells people about your goats and you will be amazed by the magic this could do. When you are now popular, you could now leave the market to new commers while you focus on bulk business.

Its just my advice . Tell me what you think.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 18, 2018.
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