What Do i Need To Start Small Scale Cookies Business In Nigeria?

Hello Everyone, What do I need to start small scale cookies business in Nigeria?. Anyone with useful information should please comment below.

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Starting a small scale cookie business in Nigeria is quite inexpensive and at the same time highly rewarding if you market your products well. You can choose to start this business from your home or you may choose to rent a business outlet.but since it’s small scale,we will assume you will not be spending on rent.
Some basic equipment you need include an oven,a mixer, packing materials, mixing bowls and sheet trays. These are essential requirements for your cookie business.

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Do you enjoy baking cookies? Are you the go-to person for desserts and bake sale items? Having a home-based cookie business is a great way to profit from something you enjoy

If your cookies get rave reviews and you enjoy coming up with new recipes and products, a cookie company could be a lucrative and pleasurable business for you. There’s a lot more to running a business than just making great cookies, though. You will also have to handle customer service, book keeping, marketing, and food safety, among other things. If you’re ready to start your cookie business, take some time to make a solid plan for how exactly you will operate.

Before I proceed, here are why this business will be good for you

1. Do something you enjoy.
2. Use your creativity.
3. Low startup. You may need to purchase another set of baking tools, but the basics aren’t that expensive.
4. You can bake at the times that’s most convenient to you, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night.
1. Decide what types of cookies you will be baking..

Here are what you need to know.

Decide what types of cookies you will be baking.
You can specialize in one type of cookie, such as chocolate chip or shaped and decorated sugar cookies, or you can offer a variety. If you will be the sole baker, consider the amount of time you have vs. the amount of time each type of cookie takes to create. Drop cookies take less time than decorated ones. Also think about storage and delivery. Decorated cookies will require special storage and delivery to prevent them from being ruined.

Create a price for each type of cookie by single purchase and in bulk. Your prices need to include the cost of ingredients, preparation time, business overhead and your desired profit margin.

You need to register your company
This shouldn’t be a waste of time because by now, you should know you will have to register your business.

Make your business official.
Apply for food permits as required by your state. Obtain a business license government.

Purchase the equipment and supplies need to create your cookies.
These items include bowls, utensils, mixers, baking pans and measuring devises, which need to be kept separate from your personal cooking items. Buy packaging materials, such as plastic wrap or bags, and pastry boxes to store and deliver your cookies. If your state requires food labels, use computer label stickers to print your labels and stick to the cookie packaging.

You can spice it all up with this Cookies and Cake Decorating Kit

Sell and market your cookies.
Photograph your cookies to use in your marketing materials, such as portfolios, brochures and ads. Send a news release to your local media outlets about your new business. Take samples of your cookies to local stores, cafes and caterers, and ask about offering your cookies as part of their service. If you can ship your cookies, consider selling them through a website.

And then you can start making money by feeding people.

If there is any equipment you want to buy but you are not sure of the exact one, let me know below. I could give you a review or great equipment that will make your business easier.


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