Price of Hairdryer and Other Salon Equipments in Nigeria

To get our budget and estimate right.
We will like to know the current price of hairdryer and other hairdressing salon equipments.

Can you please help us out with the prices and where to get it at a wholesale price. Thank you.

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Other saloon  equipments could be an endless list as we have hundreds of them out there. To help us give you a close to accurate answer, you should make the list and let us give you an idea of the price.

s for hairdryer:

Am sure you know we have different types. We have the portable hand held ones, we have the Wall dryer and also the standing ones.

the portable hand held could go for #7,000 to #10,000

You could get the standing ones for #35,000 to #39,000

The wall ones is around #35,000 to #50,000

i hope this helped


Expert Consultant Answered on October 2, 2017.
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Hair dryers come in different shapes, sizes and types. However, these are all called hair dryers. You have not stated specifically if you need a wall hair dryer or a standing hair dryer. Their prices differ according to their brands, as there are brands which are more expensive than others. The more expensive ones are either made in the US, UK, or anywhere else in the EU. Some of these include BaByliss 2100 Elegance, Dyson Supersonic, GHD Aura and several other brands. However, China provides cheaper alternatives.

The cost of wall hair dryers range from N24,000 to N117,000, while the price range for standing hair dryers range from N12,000 to N35,000. “Other dressing equipment” could mean a lot of things. Please look up some of the list of equipment supplied in an earlier question which is similar to the one you asked.

Active Member Answered on October 2, 2017.
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