What is The Current Price of Smart TV in Nigeria

Smart TV, smart phones and everything smart is fast taking over the electronics World. Smart TV is now People’s choice of television anytime any day. Many of us here will like to know the price of different brands of Smart TV in Nigeria.

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Prices of Smart TV’s vary with screen size, bigger screens cost more and the brand also determines the price; A Samsung Smart TV may be priced at 150,000 Naira while the same product by LG may be priced at 100,000 Naira.

The main determinant of a flat screen TV’s price is the technology it uses which can be Plasma, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Light Emitting Diode (LED),

There are also flat screen TV’s which can connect to the internet and stream content, they are called SMART TV’s. And these are our concerns under this question.

Why should I buy Smart Tv (Check out these cool Features)

* 1 to 3 HDMI ports depending on the model for enjoying HD quality content from camcorders, laptops, Blu Ray players etc

* Sharp and quality pictures

* USB ports to listen to music, watch movies, view pictures from USB drive or store devices.

* Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi that enables you stream entertainment over the internet, which you can enjoy on Samsung smart TVs

* Quality sound productions

* Access internet web to browser useful apps and games on the Smart TVs.

And even more features you can not even imagine.

The price are not static, and the price on Konga differs to that of Jumia which will be different from the ones they are selling on the street.

If you want the price of smart TVs, I will advice you check Konga or Jumia and others for your specification.

It depend on the size, tech and product maker.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 13, 2017.
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