Price of Stone Coated Roofing Sheets in Nigeria

I see some  buildings roofed with stone coated roofing sheets and they look danm good. I am thinking of using it for my building projects. So can someone tell me prices of different stone coated roofing sheets in Nigeria currently?

I also want to know prices of Aluminum roofing sheets in Nigeria too? Knowing these prices will help me compare and decide what to buy. Your invaluable responses is very much appreciated. Thanks

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As beautiful as they come, stone coated roofing sheets are quite expensive, These are available in different variants for the choice of the buyer. You may want to be prepared (financially) before going for this (which i guess is the reason for asking this question. The price for this roof are measured in square meters (sqm), and the cost per square metre is N3,200 (subjecto to verification). Using this unit cost to calculate the area of your roofing gives you a rough estimate of the amount needed. Depending on the size of the house, a rough estimate of N1,700,000 to N2,500,000 should be set aside for this.

For your second question on the cost of aluminium roofing sheets, these also come in various designs and colors. They also come in either .45mm sheets or .55mm sheets and are priced per meter. There are also the longspan aluminium roofing sheets, steep tiles  as well as the Metcopo roofing sheets. Pricing per meter however applies to all. For the Longspan sheets, a .45mm sheet goes for N1,700 per meter, while a .55mm sheet goes for N2,150 per meter.

For the Metcopo aluminium sheets, the price for the .45mm sheets goes for N1,950 per meter, and the .55mm for N2,300 per meter. For the Steep tiles aluminium roofing sheets, the .45mm goes for N1,850 per meter, while the .55mm goes for N2,250 per meter.

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