Price/Cost of Stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria


The company was established to supplying and delivering quality and outstanding stone coated roofing sheets to your sites everywhere in the Country (Nigeria). The good thing about BATLAN Roofs is that, we have professional and qualified staffs that handles and make sure the project of our clients are made without any issues.

At BATLAN Roofs, we deal in quality stone coated roofing sheets that without doubt, is one if not the best in the country. We import directly from South Korea by DS Roofing System. Our products had been passed through series of test to confirm its extreme pressure resistance and its durability, which makes it so outstanding. We give 50years Manufacturer’s warranty on all of our DS/BATLAN Stone Coated roofing tiles which mean we are assuring you 50years of endless high quality performance.

DS/BATLAN Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tiles are manufactured with the finest aluminium zinc alloy-coated steel covered with Italian ceramic-coated stone granules. Our roofing series offer a texture, style and longevity not found in traditional metal roofing products.

Our Stone Coated Roofing Tiles come in different designs namely:

Bond Design 0.55mm gauge: N3,000
Classic Design 0.55mm gauge: N3,000
Shingle Design 0.55mm gauge: N3,300
Roman/Milano Design 0.55mm gauge: N3,400
Shake Design 0.55mm gauge: N3,300

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