Prices of Palm Oil in Nigeria (Companies that Buy Palm Oil)

We are in a mission to find out what a tin of palm oil cost in Nigeria today. So who can tell us the current price of palm oil in the Nigerian market? How much is 30litres of palm oil sold in your locality? How much is the wholesale and retail price of palm oil in your area.

We also want to know if there are companies in Nigeria that buy palm oil in large quantity? How can they be located? Pls kindly supply us with these answers.

Thank you

New Member Asked on October 4, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Today, a tin of palm oil costs N100. A 30 litre jerrycan of palm oil gos for N12,000. This however is the wholesale price, as the retail price can be up to N14,000. There are large companies that buy palm oil in bulk. These include the following;

Sunny Oil Nigeria Limited located at 133, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos

Planet Oil and Chemical Industries located at 4, Aba-Enugu Expressway, Aba North, Abia

Phemson Nigeria Limited located at 176, Abeokuta Expressway, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos

Om Oil Industries Limited found at ACME Road Estate, Ogba Road, Lagos

Active Member Answered on October 4, 2017.
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