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      Pure Water Production Building Plan and Factory Design

      I’ve read your article and I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you sir. Please I want to know why I need a bungalow for sachet water production.

      Or is there any other building plan and factory design for pure water production in Nigeria? Kindly let us know as this will assist us in preparing for our next pure water production business in Nigeria


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      A pure water production factory requires alot of preparation as well as ample space for administrative as well as production activities. By administrative activities, we mean to say the activities involved in successfully running the pure water factory. Such activities include financial book keeping (the services of an accountant) a quality control room or lab and many other necessary requirements. These need offices to effectively function, while the water production goes on in another part of the building.

      This is why you need a bungalow as it provides most of these features. However, you should note that another reason this is required is because it is cheaper to set up than building an entire factory building from scratch.

      Answered by Feng Choji on October 4, 2017..
      Pro Consultant

      The actual building could take on any shape but this processing of water production (from water source to pure water tank) must be consistent. The diagram below represent the basic conceptual design of pure water production process with the exclusion of the packaging.

      Pure water production process designPure water production process design

      This second image is for bottled water production process. This is the basic design concept involved in bottled water production process, from distillation to packaging

      BottledBottled water production process design

      The image below is a complete plan for standard water distillation and purification process

      Design Considerations for Water Distillation SystemsDesign Considerations for Water Distillation Systems

      Answered by Darlington Omeh on October 4, 2017..
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      Very good information.

      Answered by Larwin on October 17, 2017..
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      For your borehole, try to conduct a geophysical investigation first before drilling. The investigation will let you know the point and depth that your borehole will be. And you will know how the borehole drilling will be.

      Answered by Larwin on October 17, 2017..