What Are The Risk Associated to Poultry Farming

Please sir what are the risk associated with poultry farming and about wat size of land and pen can accommodate 1000 pullet


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With poultry farming, there are several attendant risks you will be faced with. Most of these have to do with mortality occasioned by common poultry diseases.this is not only limited to the birds as there are some deadly poultry diseases which can be contagious to humans. One of such is bird flu. If proper care is not taken, the mortality rate can be staggering. The size of land is relative. however, a pen measuring 30ft x30ft will do

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I am not going to deceive you. Apart from the maintenance problems,  diseases and parasites is a great poultry farming system problem


Diseases and parasites can cause losses in egg production. Some breeds of birds are resistance to certain diseases which make them superior to those that are easily infected by many diseases.

More over if you want your laying birds for maximum production, do all you could to prevent them against any kind of diseases. In case of any outbreak of diseases treat them immediately so that their production will not be tampered with.

In addition, you would never want to breed an ill chicken they could pass the illnesses down to future generations and you would have a constant battle in your hands.

Always raised the healthiest chickens together the more generations and that have healthy chickens the more resistance they build up to diseases.

Other Challenges are:

1. It is a monetary investment.
You’ll need to install a chicken house and coop to protect your chickens. Poultry netting can run as high as $400 for a single coop. Small coups can be found for around $300 if you just want a handful of hens running around. Feed and bedding have costs to consider as well.

2. It is a time investment.
The chickens need to be put in every night to avoid predators. Someone will need to feed them for you if you go on vacation. Without enough food, water, and grit, your time as a poultry farmer will be short.

3. Chickens are filthy birds.
Poultry farming requires the bedding in a chicken coop be replaced about once per month. You may need to avail your coop for inspections if you sell food products. Without proper cleanliness, an entire farm could be wiped out with just one illness.

Hope this helped

Expert Consultant Answered on February 13, 2018.
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