How Profitable Is Snail Rearing Business

Hello everyone, please has anyone gone into snail rearing business, I want to know the profitability rate and the timeline from starting to harvesting / selling

New Member Asked on July 30, 2016 in Agriculture.
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Snail rearing is profitable for many reasons.
They dont require expensive materials for their feeding.I’ve done it personally as a secondary school project so i know.They love palm oil,chalk,grounded egg shells and lots of paw paw leaves and water leaves.To have them develop well.Do not wait before the leaves rot change them from time to time and the snails will do just fab,but don’t joke with grounded egg shells to.

They produce lots of eggs too f you have a matrix diagram drawn up you can imagine that first generation/start up generation can be 100pieces imagine they have a production rate of 26eggs with just 50% survival if half only develop and if they lay eggs just 8 times lets work out the maths of what you can expect from just 100 healthy snails

Assuming 100lays  26eggs ( if only half survive,this is just 13 )
so, 100 x 13 x8 times before they mature and you yank them off

100 x 13 x 8 = 10,00o plus snails using modest figures

There’s profit in every labour don’t let anything stop you…

Return Member Answered on August 1, 2016.
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If you want to do snail farming as a serious business don’t use cages buy a plot of land and plant pawpaw tree as well as waterleaf and other veggies,then leave it for bush to cover the place…They will do their propagation themselves,you only need to go and fetch them from time to time,i know because the empty one plot of land behind my house regularly provides over 300snails each time we harvest them.

Return Member Answered on August 1, 2016.

Thanks a lot for your article on snail farming. After reading your article I made up mind to invest in snailing instead of chicken poultry. Does your ebook includes a business plan?

on August 1, 2016.
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Snail rearing is profitable just as every other farming, but that is if you take your time to start it properly and invest in knowledge. There are about two articles on this website that talks about snail rearing.

The time from starting to harvesting is about one year. But, once you starts harvesting, you harvest on regular basis as different sets get matured at different times.


Pro Consultant Answered on July 31, 2016.
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