How to Start Card Printing Business

Card printing business has been my number one choice of business but don’t know how to go about it. Please can anyone guide me on how to start card printing business? I will really appreciate your answers.

New Member Asked on February 4, 2018 in Business.
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Recharge card printing is a business which is quite vast and having several levels you can easily join. If you are interested in starting at the dealership level,then you will have to deal directly with the telecom company. You will be selling your cards to the wholesalers. You arrive at an agreement with the company after the payment of a fee (normally running into millions). You should not be worried if you feel this amount is too high for you as there is always a part you can play or participate. For details on this, visit your preferred telecom company for further details regarding this business.

Active Member Answered on February 12, 2018.
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In addittion to the answer up there or let me say in a more simple terms:

First of all, you need to decide what role you will perform in this business. You can act as a dealer, wholesaler, or retailer.

Recharge card printing business: Dealer

If you choose this role you will have certain dealership or arrangement with some GSM service provider. Your main task will be to sell cards to wholesalers. Competition here isn’t so great, as you will need to invest a lot of money.

Printing of recharge cards: Wholesaler

Working as a wholesaler, you will have to buy recharge cards from a dealer.

If you decide to get involved in this type of business, you are to have certain conditions for cards printing and distributing. In order to start such a business, you will need to have nearly N150,000.

Starting as a retailer

These people buy recharge cards from wholesalers and sell them to the consumers. You will need to purchase generated PINS, then print them and provide all willing consumers with them.

Among the options to start printing of recharge cards are:

– Online printing option

You can do everything online these days. It is possible to print these GSM Pins from the website or apply to direct sending of PINs to customers.

– POS machine printing variant

While using POS machine, you are given an opportunity to print these recharge cards on demand. You can start the activities immediately after getting your POS machine. After that, you may start to receive customers’ orders.

– Software option

This way, you will get the software from the dealer. The next action is to buy recharge card PINs and send them via e-mail.

– E-PIN manager option


What method of recharge card printing is the best for you? Just make a decision and start your business. Maybe it’s your chance to become rich and change your life.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 14, 2018.
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