How Do i Start Exporting Ginger To The U.S. From Nigeria?

Hello Everyone here, How do I start exporting ginger from Nigeria to the U.S.?. Anyone with useful info should comment below, thanks.

New Member Asked on February 10, 2018 in Agriculture.
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Do you plan on exporting any goods from Nigeria? If so, then you should consider a lot before sending out your goods. Of course, some conditions depend on the state and country of the buyer, special means of exporting, quantities required. In addition to start your own export business, you should learn more about market’s situation, find a buyer and collect some documents needed for export.

The small scale way is just to find a popular website like amazon, ebay, alibaba and others. You then register as a supplier. Those website already have a large amount of visitors and they will do the marketing for you.

Or another way is that you find a buyer over there and then you ship it over.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 7, 2018.
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