How Do I Start Importation Of Fairly Used Clothes And Shoes

I am resident in Port Harcourt and presently working. Please i want to know the cost implication of importing fairly used clothes and shoes and which country can i import from. Thanks.

New Member Asked on February 15, 2018 in Clothing.
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China is a place you can import anything including used cloths and shoes.

This article below is the best answer to your question.

Have you ever been to the second hand market in Lagos? It is a huge place with tons of things sold there. People go there all the time to find new clothes and they say even Nigerian celebrities visit the market to get some of their finest outfits.

People call it “Okrika”. Why is it a lucrative small business idea? Just because you do not have to invest much money into it. Basically you can even start the business at home or in your neighborhood.
They import the used clothes in packs. You go to the wholesaler and buy one or more packs there. You unpack it, sort the clothes, and calculate the price of each item (the prime cost). Then you double the price and sell things.

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Expert Consultant Answered on February 15, 2018.
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