How To Start Uber In Nigeria

Uber is a technology platform that connects drivers with riders through a smartphone app, that can convey you from anywhere to anywhere in Nigeria. All you need is simply a tiny Smart device application.

So basically what Uber does is to provide software that connect drivers with riders, and so the company doesn’t own any vehicles. So this is where partnership comes in.

People make money on the Uber platform by driving their cars themselves and picking up Uber customers, or putting a fleet of cars on the Uber network and hiring drivers to drive them.

Uber Requirements For Cars in Nigeria

  1. Vehicles must be 2006 or newer
  2. Mileage should be a maximum of 100,000KMs when being put onto the Uber system
  3. All vehicles require a working radio and air conditioner (electric windows preferable)
  4. Uber vehicles must have seat belts for all passengers including the driver.
  5. Vehicles will remain on the Uber system unless complaints from riders about quality occur sooner
  6. Cars must have third party vehicle insurance policy

Uber Requirements For Drivers in Nigeria

  1. Only one driver per account, meaning the person driving the car is the one named on the account.
  2. All drivers must go through a full background check initiated by Uber.
  3. Certificate of road worthiness (You can get this from the FRSC)
  4. Proof of ownership
  5. Certificate of Incorporation. You are self-employed and not an employee of Uber, so you will need to register a company for this purpose.
  6. GPS enabled Smartphone You can either bring your own smartphone or Uber provides you with a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini for a ₦50,000 deposit (or 5 installments of ₦10,000). Uber will also deduct ₦1500 per week for data on the Etisalat network.

Remember Uber in Nigeria will charge you just 20% of the overall amount you make and the rest will certainly be sent to your bank account.


Active Member Asked on February 26, 2018 in Automobile.
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This is very interesting and profitable. I think Uber is only active in Lagos for now.

You can be self employed and make your money while you drive your own car.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 27, 2018.
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