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This platform is really helping a lot of people, my question goes like this; I have a one bedroom flat into 4 places on a plot of land, now I have been thinking on what kind of business I can convert it into.

Some of the ideas that comes to my mind is pure water business but there are a lot of such businesses around in that area, of which one that is very close has folded already, and the second idea is using it for a nylon production factory.

I am looking at a good business I can begin with 2-3m, its very close to a market, school, etc. Pls I need some professional advice. Thanks.

New Member Asked on October 3, 2017 in Business.
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I love your entrepreneurial spirit, and can imagine the dilemma you are currently passing through right now. The location stated in your question is impressive. Some of the simplest businesses that can be run in such location is opening a shop around such an area. However, the type of shop to be opened strongly depends on the type of goods most needed in such a location. Therefore, we should first know the type of market close to the building. In our bid to know more about the market, we will have to consider if the market is an everyday market or a weekly market.

Also, is it a general market, or a market where only specific items are sold such as a building materials market, a vegetable market and several other similar markets where only certain goods are available. Moving to the subject of the school, the composition of the school is an important aspect that should be considered. The age-grade of the pupils or students. Going through all of these details will greatly help you in determing what type of business to establish. However, a common type of business that thrives in such locations even in the presence of competition is a provision store.

For this business to thrive, you will need the know how on effectively running the business with emphasis on growth and expansion while fully satisfying the needs of your patrons

Active Member Answered on October 3, 2017.
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There are quite a number of businesses one can can do with #3m, since your location is close to market you could do.
1. Supply of groundnut oil and palm oil.
2. Crayfish business
3. Sale of pure honey

Active Member Answered on October 7, 2017.
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