What Are The Application Of Oil Rotocel Extractor Machine?

oil extractor machine Cooking oil rotocel extractor machine is the main equipment of cooking oil processing machine.

Oil rotocel extractor machine is the most widely used extractor, because the pan has leached material separators, after twice the concentration of oil mixed thoroughly mixed with each other less, a little closer to this ideal leaching, leaching designed to 5 times ~ 6 times, can be residual oil in the meal to 1% or less.

Grease pan leaching extraction is the most extensive leaching, widely applicable to a variety of vegetable oil extraction, which is characterized by material-storey, high concentrations of mixed oil, oil mixed with a small meal at the end, simple structure, smooth operation, low failure rate, Ease of maintenance and so on.

Take oil leaching basic processes: solvent extraction; separation of mixed oil solvent; separating wet meal solvent; solvent recycled. Take oil leaching characteristics: low residual oil meal; good meal quality; mass production; solvent explosive; extraction of crude oil crude oil poor quality compared to crush.

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