Requirements In Setting Up a Daycare Center

Hello everyone i am new to this website and it’s a great experience, can anybody help me with the basic requirement in setting up a daycare center, thanks in advance.

New Member Asked on February 4, 2018 in Education.
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  1. Go into partnership with a middle aged woman with a lot of experience with children (educational qualification will be a plus)
  2. – She will handle all aspects of the children’s care, but you can oversee finances and office stuff.
  3. – Find a suitable location and decide on what area you want to help children develop in (a creche is the first stage of learning for children outside the home and usually sets the foundation for all they learn
  4. – Provide equipment and materials, learn and play toys, clean beddings and cots for naps, TV with loads of singalong tapes, lots of nappies and baby toiletries. also you have to ensure all surfaces are soft and child protected always.
  5. – Friendly outside area for running around will be ideal, because kids like to go outdoors and its very good for them
  6. – You will need staff that will ensure they eat, sleep and are clean all the time

These are some of the tips i recommend you should know before starting. Good luck to you

Active Member Answered on February 8, 2018.
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