What are the hidden facts about Nollywood?

Are there hidden facts about Nollywood? I just want to know if there are facts that most people don’t know about the Film industry.

I ask too many questions about Nollywood. I want to go all into it. Thanks

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Many of us really love Nollywood, many of us are diehard fans of popular Nollywood actors and actresses. However most of us don’t really know some facts about this great industry. Aspiring Nollywood Stars is here to make a quick list of 12 Facts about Nollywood that you must know.


1. EVERYONE in Nollywood is underpaid.
Nollywood is a very big industry really, nobody can deny or doubt that totally because the evidence is very clear. Most of those big actors you see on screen are not very rich as the roles they take in films.

In Hollywood, Darwoney Jnr can say if his not paid $43 millon, he will not continue in the avengers, Arnold can be paid $5million for every word he speaks in the Terminator movie. Such a thing does not exist in Nollywood. Charging a million naira as an actor or an actress in Nigeria film will not only kill your carrier it will end you from movie locations. Of Recent, Pa James answered in an interview that the reason why he doesn’t get roles again in movies is because he increased his pay per role. Nollywood don’t just pay. The reason why that is so, you can tell us in the comment box below.

2. Nollywood is Africa’s most searched name on Google.
Nigerian Movies received the total of 165,000 searches every months, Nollywood Movies totaled 49, 500 searches every months and African Movies is searched 60, 500 times on google every months. All of these are really big figure, let us now imagine how many searches Nollywood will get every month. With Nollywood, Nigeria is still the giant of Africa.

3. In 10 years time top Nollywood producers will be rich enough to fund politicians.
This might seems impossible, but it is not. There is really money in Nollywood industry but the reason why things are rough is because of the next point.

4. Pirates who illegally sell Nollywood works are richer than any other group of pirates in the world.
I think this should be an award for the corrupt pirate group of people who takes the tears and hard work of our Nollywood actors and actresses to enrich their life and their family. A Nollywood actor or actress will spend years on writing a script, months for planning and looking for funds, weeks on location and days with the editor to get the work on screen. And what will happen at last, we will see the film combined with other 20 films on a DVD disk sold for just #100 and because you and I like something cheap, we go for it. That’s bad. This make the pirate groups to be richer than every other pirates in the world.

5. There is no love in Nollywood.
Another point of 12 Facts about Nollywood You Must Know is the fact that there is no love in Nollywood. Although I don’t have a problem with this point because Nollywood is not a Facebook or a family, it is a business organization. I think that is really wrong. It you think its wrong too, you can give us why in the comment box below. I really think, it should be more than just a money making industry, it can be a family.

6. Nollywood is the Second Largest Movie producing company in the world.
According to Aljazeera, Nollywood is priced $5billion and produce more movies than Hollywood in United State but not more than Indian Bollywood. That really cool and a mention. Nollywood can produce movies and am sure you know that. After India’s Bollywood, Nollywood is the world’s second largest movie producer. In fact, Nollywood produces about 50 movies per week.

7. Nollywood cares a lot about Moral lessons
Another point of 12 Facts about Nollywood You Must Know is that Nollywood stories and moral lessons go hand in Hand. Hollywood can make movies like fast and furious, final destination, Hunger games, taken and very many others that depict around fiction, just for entertainment, nothing to learn, no moral lesson, no cultural attachments.

Bollywood can produce movies like Krissh, Don, Doom and many others and you will not learn a thing. But our giant Nollywood always consider moral lessons and that why great actors we like and love like Oyenusi, Aderopo in October First will never go unpunished. A bad guy never go free in Nigerian films, no matter how powerful, rich, intelligent, smart you are, the police will always get you on the ground one day. The good will always catch that bad boss or bad landlord one day.

8. Nollywood Sexual Harassment is high
This is not supposed to be among this list of…..because sexual harassment is present in every organization, even in some churches. But in Nollywood, it’s a distinction. The chance that you will be sexually harassed in Nollywood industry is higher than the chance of getting raped in India. We have heard of several Aspiring Nollywood Stars who were sexually harassed and raped intellectually just because of becoming a celebrity.

A producer will tell you that he can make you live your dream, give you the best role, do anything to make you a public figure, but you have to be ready to do anything. That’s the game. Most of our celebrities today was once a victim.

9. Nollywood Currently worth $5.1 billion
The Nigerian film industry is worth $5.1 billion as at 2014. That’s really a big figure. That’s 2014, I can’t calculate or imagine how much Nollywood worth this day.

10. Nollywood Numerous Film Schools
Nowadays, almost all our top actors and actresses are establishing their own film schools in other to give back to the community by training passionate actors and actresses. It has even gotten to a level where before you can feature of work with an actor, you must join his group as a way forward. Toyin Aimaku, Funke Akindele Scene One, Muyiwa Ademola, Femi Adebayo, Idris Aloma, Odunlade Adekola and many others have their own schools and groups you can join and be trained.

11. The last 2 A-list stars that Nollywood produced are Tonto Dike and mercy Johnson.
Moses Inwang Award winning Nollywood filmmaker said that on his twitter post. Maybe you can help me explain that.

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Waoooo. Thank you for this. The no 5 has got me thinking

Return Member Answered on November 23, 2017.
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An example of this is how Lere Paimo and Baba Wande were blacklisted from Yoruba movies because they refused to leave ANTP for TAPAN

Expert Consultant Answered on December 7, 2017.
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i think there are hidden facts in every industry in the world. Am sure when you get yourself into that industry as time goes by you will know the hidden facts.no speaks a company’s  secret out

New Member Answered on December 22, 2017.
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