What are the Likely Risk in Tomato Farming in Nigeria

Good afternoon, I came across this site today and I am interested in going for tomatoes farming precisely in part of Ogun and Osun  state. How much do I need for a start and where can I get the best seeds to buy and what are the likely risk involved in tomatoes farming?

New Member Asked on November 8, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Most of us won’t have known the importance of tomato farming in Nigeria until when the Tula Absolute disease broke out, affecting six major tomato producing states in Nigeria, including Jigawa, Kano and Kastina. Before the disease outbreak, a basket of tomatoes was sold at N8,500. However, the scarcity triggered it to raise to N20,000 per basket which was literally enormous. In Abia State, a ball of tomato was once sold at N100.

Tomato farming is a lucrative agribusiness here in Nigeria. It’s not capital-intensive. What people don’t know Is that tomato farming is not only restricted in the north. You can start a tomato farm anywhere in Nigeria. All you need to start tomato farming in Nigeria is the resource and knowledge to start. Tomato planting is usually around April and March. With proper irrigation, you can start it up anywhere in Nigeria.

There is a well written article on how to start a Tomatoe farming that will answer a your questions and give you an accurate details of all you need to know.

Before I give you the link to the article, I will talk about the challenges and risks facing Tomatoe farming business.

Remember there is always a solution to any problem. Do not be scared by the risks and challenges. You are tougher than them.

Here are the risks and challenges facing Tomatoe farming in Nigeria.

1. Disease and pest control. Apart from the outbreak I talked about in the open paragraph which doesn’t happen often. There are other pests that can ruin your Tomatoe farming if you do not take action on time.

Aphids, cutworms, flee beatles, Horn worms, nematodes, white flies are few of pests that can Wreck havoc on your cool Tomatoe farming.

2. Tomatoes are first raised in the nurseries before they enter the field. The nursery supplies, greenhouse, fertilizers, and seeds are not cheap in Nigeria. Most of them are not produced in our country. So, farmers have problems with buying them.

3. Transportation problems. Nigerian farmers usually put tomatoes in baskets. These baskets can be packed on the top of each other. Which means that the lower layers of tomatoes get crushed. Every third tomato is destroyed this way.

4. Marketing challenges . Farmers usually hand the tomatoes to the middlemen. These people do not care much of the packaging system of tomatoes.

5. The Federal Government does not provide any system to check the quality of tomatoes and tomato prices.

The link to the article that gives an exclusive detail about how to start a Tomatoe business is below.

Read and if there is other things you want, let us know below.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 8, 2017.
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