Things People are Getting Wrong About Nollywood

I am here again. After i saw the reply to the questions i asked yesterday, i just want to hear more. My question today is about things that Most Nigerians get wrong about Nollywood. I am sure Nollywood is not really the way most people see it.

What are the things they are getting wrong?

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Misconception is a normal thing in this world we are. I could remember the day I got admission into the University to study Philosophy. Many relatives, friends and people I don’t know are so afraid and worried about why I would go and study a course that would say there is no God. Until I got into it, I knew it was just a misconception.

There are misconception about almost everything in this world.

There are people that will see what you see standing, upside down. Its just part of the nature of human beings. My major concern here is to clarify some certain misconceptions about the Nigeria film.

Let’s just go straight to the point.

1. You have to go spiritual
The spiritual aspect that people attached to this industry. Many people believe that you have to go spiritual to become a Nollywood star. That’s why most aspiring stars goes to the level of seeking for spiritual powers from any source thinking that’s what will stick them to the screen.
Nollywood is just a business field like any other businesses out there.
Its possible someone goes spiritual but that’s not a criteria. When next you see a Nollywood star doing well and gaining fame. Do not conclude its spiritual. Odunlade Adekola has been challenged many times that his using spiritual power to back up his movies. You should brace up yourself, do the right thing. And when you are famous, people will accuse you also. That You have to go spiritual to become a Nollywood star is just a misconception.

2. Nollywood Stars Are Not Really Rich
Show me a Nollywood star that is not really rich and I will show you an upcoming star. Many people will say, I saw so and so actor or actress, he lived on my street, his not rich at all. If you say some Nollywood actors or actress are not really rich, I can go with that.

For you to be a star, you are a star. I don’t want to start mentioning names because its obvious around us that Nollywood stars are really rich. If you have the passion to join Nollywood, don’t be discouraged. If you do well, you will be rich and endorsed by various companies.

3. Female Upcoming Stars have to use their body
People generally, especially people who know nothing about Nollywood would claim as a female, you will use your body to get good roles in Nollywood. I have seen a girl who have passion for Nollywood but lost her passion because people tell her she have to be a prostitute by sleeping with directors and producers to get roles.

This is just a misconception and its totally false. Its depends on you as a female.

Every organization, industries have the same problem. Employers sleeping with employee, Boss sleeping with secretary. If you present yourself to be used, they will use you and dump you. We have several actresses who stood their ground and never compromised their body to any producer or director. If you are a female aspiring actress, you need not to fear. Its how you present yourself that you will be addressed. Olayode Juliana Known as Toyo Baby of Jennifer’s diary and many others are famous today through auditions. That you have to sleep around with producers to get roles is just another misconception about Nollywood. Once you have the talent and available, you will get there.

4. All female Nollywood actress are prostitutes
An argument that almost cause a fight between a couple few day ago is about labelling all female Nollywood actresses as prostitutes.

Many people think once you are a Nollywood actress, you have to be sleeping around to get going. It is just a misconception. Just as I explained above, if you find your way to Nollywood by sleeping with producers, you will have to maintain it like that.

5. All Nollywood Producers don’t use scripts
Another misconception about this industry is that all producers don’t use script on set, they only describe and leave the actors to improvise.

This is not always true. Although its not sometimes 100% script based like Nollywood but some still use scripts on set. Except on some circumstances, especially in a comedy scene. Its better to let the actors have their way. Imagine casting Odunlade Adekola or Sanyeri for a comedy role and you give them a script. Just let them do it their way and you will love it after.

Even in Nollywood, actors like Eddy Murphy, Martin Lawrence and few others are left to improvise. Because they will do it well.

6. You have to join Secret Cult to be famous
People believe that Illuminati, secret Cults and other sects is a must for you to join to be famous. The fact is when you are doing well and making it, people will accuse you. You think its not true, my dear reader, you will get to a high position in life that people will say you belong to illuminati. Nobody see them when they are struggling, having sleepless night on set and locations. After they become famous, several theories will be created.

7. Nollywood Stars marriage don’t last
To be a celebrity is not easy, anything you do or say will be on the headline tomorrow. Bloggers go into celebrities’ private life and expose it without 100% CONFIRMATION.

Believing that Nollywood Stars marriage don’t last is a misconception that is not true. We have many famous celebrities who are doing well with their families and we have couples who are not into Nollywood and do not belong to a family. Being a Nollywood star does not mean your marriage will not last.

8. People acting witches are actually witches
Many people believed that taking a role of a witch mean you are actually a witch. Am sure this sound very funny to you especially if you are into Nollywood. But the fact is that some people still hold their ground on that misconception as true.

People taking the role of a witch are just random women like anyone. A producer can go to a University and gather some Dramatic art students coupled with costumes and make up design them as witches. That does not make them a witch. One reason why people held on this is because they have seen one or two women appear as a witch in 3 different movies.

They then conclude that they have to be one. Once you are too good at a role, you might be casted for the role through your career.

9. All Herbalist casts are really herbalist
This is similar to the no 8 point above. It’s just one of the 10 Common Misconceptions About Nollywood. You don’t have to be an herbalist before you can take the role.

10. You have to study Theatre art to join Nollywood
Many people have sent me mails on this issue. It is not a must that you study theatre art to join Nollywood.

Many actors and actresses out there who don’t even go to school at all and are doing fine with their talent ion the industry. Education is good. Studying Theatre art is a PLUS in Nollywood industry. But it’s not the only criteria.

Acting is all about taking up the role of another person, it’s about becoming who you are not. The ability to interpret a role convincingly is really acting.

You know what? Whenever an actor or an actress does his or her job by acting a role convincingly is what people will brand them with.

Those are few of the things that people get wrong about Nollywood.

I hope I answered your question.

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Apeiron you are truly right. Misconception is killing many talented actors out there. They really do believe in all these and thereby not giving a trial. One other point I will like to add is that producers, directors and prominent actors don’t always choose talented ones. They prefer to recommend their family members and friends who aren’t talented to do the job.

Active Member Answered on November 9, 2017.
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Thank you so much guys! You already made my day

Return Member Answered on November 10, 2017.
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