What Are Your Favourite Business & Finance News Site In Nigeria?

Although, I know a few sites, I am searching for the best sites in Nigeria dedicated to business and finance news.

Active Member Asked on August 6, 2016 in Management.
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Wealthresult.com is no doubt the best business site in Nigeria, hardly will you search for how to start any business in Nigeria that this site will not emerge the first on Google search list and with detailed information. For finance news i recommend businessdayonline.com and financialnigeria.com.

Active Member Answered on August 6, 2016.
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Yes, Businessdayonline.com for finance and business news and WealthResult.com for business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs

Pro Consultant Answered on August 6, 2016.
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Thanks for the suggestion @Chinwe and @Darlinton. I Know of Business day but Financial Nigeria is new to me and I am going to check it ouyt

Active Member Answered on August 7, 2016.
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