What do i do to get customers for my Barbing Salon?

I’m managing a barbing salon for someone and am also new in the barbing business,its been three weeks since i ‘ve open the shop no customers,my question is what do i do to get customers and get the place kicking.thank you

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Are you living in the area where the barbing salon shop is situated or live far away from there? If you have been living in that area for a longtime and you are having this problem that means you are not social or the shop is not attractive and conducive for them.

If you are new in the area that can also be the problem. People can be very skeptical about newbie, in their mind they will be asking themselves can this one barb? Let me see his handiwork first before I can give him a try and so on. You need to make many people friend in that area so that they can recommend your shop to their friends, relatives etc.

Active Member Answered on May 9, 2017.
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