What is the Profitability of Pineapple Production in Nigeria

Yes, I have written article on Pineapple farming in Nigeria which discussed the merit of the business as well as the technical aspect. But I still want to get your takes on the profitability of pineapple production?

Your insight in this subject is highly appreciated. Feel free to share it with us

Pro Consultant Asked on September 16, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Pineapple is a profitable business. The profit maximization cannot be restricted except if one just wish to. Its a product consume fresh and can also be preserved for future purpose. Its has a lot of benefit. I can remember back in the days of secondary school in Biology. It :

Boost Immunity
Anti-inflammatory properties
Anticancer agent (Prevent Cancer)
Aid Digestion
Treat Cough and Cold
Heart benefits
Cataract prevention
Fertility perks
Asthma prevention
Osteoarthritis treatment
Reduce bloating/constipation

And many more o. For a fruit that have all these health benefits, i don’t see it in extinction years to come. I think one can maximize the profitability anyhow. It could be sold fresh, it could be converted to Juice. It could be exported out of the country.

The major exporting countries of fresh pineapple are Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Africa. Leading importing countries includes: France, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Canada and more….

Pineapple juice is loaded with benefits, and it’s delicious, too! You can find it in cans on your grocery store shelf, or you can juice it at home. So simple. You just need to do the right marketing, and you will see the profit.

Expert Consultant Answered on September 17, 2017.
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Thank you Apeiron for that detailed answer. I am surprised why juice manufacturers in Nigeria are unable to establish big pineapple farms for raw material. Instead, they prefer mixing different dangerous chemicals that taste and look like pineapple juice and call it flavor.

Do anyone know of any big pineapple farm around? I would like to visit the farm and see how things is done there

Pro Consultant Answered on September 17, 2017.

Nigerian manufacturers mix alot of flavor truly. I don’t know any Pineapple farm around here… but i will keep searching…. there should be

on September 18, 2017.
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Pineapple are very Lucrative in Nigeria and many other countries, Malaysia and Indonesia have more plantation for pineapple than any other country. The sales in Nigeria is majorly raw, for fresh consumption. However, considering the Population of Nigeria and the growth rate, the demand for pineapple is on the increase, Anytime i go to my stable grocery store to buy Pineapple, it is always finish for that day, which means, it sells more than most fruits that are been sold!

Though, the most profitable way to maximize it, is to process into Fruit Juice. That way, you get a lot for your ROI, but it is also capital intensive. So you might have to do a lot of budgeting to be able to come into the industry aspect.

But Pineapple sells fast in the market as raw and fresh Fruits and the demand is pretty High.

Active Member Answered on September 17, 2017.
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