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I need a detailed business proposal for a football academy. I have a football academy where I teach football and morals and also assist children in their academics. But some other football manager’s are arguing I should not bear academy if I don’t have a camp and school. Can you clear me on that. 

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Football academy shouldn’t be just classrooms where you teach history and theories about football and lessons about morality. It should be a practical training ground, complete with football training facilities such as soccer fields, training equipment and exercise.

A football academy should be all about football, not a school where you teach football lessons on a part time basis. Below is a sample business proposal for football academy. Going through it will help you better understand what a football academy entails.



Project Beneficiaries: X Academy, Talented Youth, Local Communities and the Government and the people of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large

Core Area Need: Funding for the Training Equipment of the Academy.


Soccer is viewed by many as a major sporting event in the world. The game of football has resulted to skill development in many nations across the globe and has contributed in enriching individuals. Besides, sport in general and football in particular have emerged as a single unifying factor, even in the moment of political, ethnic and socio-religious tension and feuds. Nations across the world have united behind this game. Football has bridged racial divide and brought people of other nation into a union of oneness.

Most youths are ready to defy some of the challenges prevailing in the world today such as unemployment and economic hardship, which has reduced them to the level of desperation. Most of them have given up hopes and have buried their talents and indulge in activities such as drug abuse, prostitution, gansterism and banditry. It can therefore not be argued that idleness breeds crime and other numerous malpractices that can only lead to the destruction of individuals and their communities.

In the Nigeria context, there are numerous challenges still predominant in most of its townships. This is because the desire and zeal to conquer and be number one has unfortunately not been matched with opportunities and facilities to nurture their skills and talents. It is in this context that we created the X Football Academy in pursuing its zeal to transform the lives of the budding Nigerian talents.  This project proposal is submitted for funding and sponsorship.


The future of every country and its related society lies in the youthful population. Investing in youths entails building a solid foundation for future leaders by maximizing their potentials. We have come to realize that in partnership with the Government as well as other stakeholders, young people can be given a chance of making it in life through sports.  The founders and promoters of X Academy equally believe that young people are rough diamond whom if well polished shall shine for the whole of humanity.

The goal of the project is to offers an opportunity for maximal development of talent in youth through training and nurturing of their talents in football, in the junior, cadet and senior categories.  Most of the players are usually identified through township competitions and street playing arenas.  Moreover, the object seeks to establish an exchange visit program between the X Academy and Sport Institution and training centers for coaches and players the Nation over.

This project proposal also seeks to build youth capacity in these domain through partnership with training institutions and centers. We therefore believe that it is an urgent need to build an academy that shall provide the training ground for young sport men and women that shall also serve as a nursery for our national teams.


In a region that does not count any industries and minerals resources that constitute a source of empowerment through gainful employment, the overall objectives of this proposal resonate with X Academy and include:

  • Creating a community and sustainable academy in order to develop football, in this part of Zimbabwe.
  • Identifying sports talents in young people and giving them a chance at making a career even away from our academy.
  • Engaging young people in physical and moral Education with a view to reducing crime rate, drug abuse as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  • Training young people in the sustainable management of bio-diversities and environmental protection.
  • Building friendship ties with stakeholders as well as other sports oriented entities the world over and participating in activities that promote friendship, tolerance and fight against racism and all forms of discrimination.


The importance of this project lies also in the anticipated outcome and the benefits would be multi-dimensional.

Youth Beneficiaries;

  • Cadets or junior and senior footballers are trained and equipped with basic material for re-training and career development.
  • With sponsorship, outstanding football player’s who need immediate and sustained attention vital for possible professional care would receive adequate training from X Academy. The training shall equally reveal more hidden talents in young people not only from the Township around Lagos but equally from other parts of the country.
  • The training activities shall equally present and encourage the spirit of competition and especially self-challenge in all participants, who spirit shall build strong personalities in each one of them.
  • The coming together of young people from all parts of the community shall foster friendship ties and encourage national integration that is indispensable in national unity and nation building.

The Academy

  • The Academy will succeed in giving a chance of self-esteem and discovery to young people, which is a resume of our objectives.  The Academy expects to cause young people to realize that sports can give them a future and above all that sports keep them out of various malpractices.
  • Taking into consideration the poverty level in the townships and country, training activities offered by the academy shall give a cross section of young people a chance of playing and wining. The Academy expects to build lasting ties with various stake holders with whom the future of young people may be made brighter.
  • The Academy expects to instill a sense of responsibility and partnership in the participants, which shall then have an overall effect on their day to day activities. By the end of training activities, the participants would emerge as people who respect the notion of “Common Good” which is a prerequisite for future nation builders.
  • The Academy by the training of young people will exhibit the principles of self-reliant development and contributed its own quota to national development.
  • The Academy program is geared toward physical, moral, linguistic and professional development of the youth in local, national and international football.

The Community

  • The envisaged training activities shall reinforce the spirit of friendship and unity among young people who constitute a very active and consequently very volatile section of the population.
  • The training activities shall be welcome by the local authorities as an antidote against the growing rate of drug abuse.
  • We finally expect that the nation shall discover some of the rough diamonds, which need polishing in the young participants so that Nigeria should soon be proud of new stars that may defend its colors at world stage including the Olympic Games, African Cup of Nations and the World Cup.
  • Even if none of the above occurs, we would have succeeded in the physical and moral education of our young people and given them enough reason to dream, which dreams they may realize some day with or without us. This is what we call success.


This project meant for the training of young people, shall be a continuous process of identifying, training and causing sports men and women to participate in national and international events, which are income generating. X Academy shall therefore provide a sustainable way of transforming sports in Nigeria a country blessed with potential stars just waiting to shine.


  • Training material: football boots, Jerseys and training kits for various sports, cones, soccer hose (socks), shin guards, footballs, first aid medical facilities, nets, and all other sports equipment and materials.
  • Necessity for GREEN Training ground A reasonable capacity stadium and running track, and other sports facilities is the dream of X Academy and our future endeavors would focus on the caliber of talents it has been able, and continue to groom.
  • Transport: To transport our youngster to and from trail matches, competitions and also to carried from their various location to the sport center.
  • Transport: To help X Academy to transport the youngster from the various locations and townships around, to our intended sport center in our designated location and will also help to transport our players to and from organized and trail matches around Nigeria.


The following assumptions were made in presenting this X Academy proposal. These include;

  1. That the X Football Academy will identify and train those youth who are talented in football.
  2. That the Academy will help to expose the trained and talented footballers into the national and international market.
  3. That the Academy will create jobs in many directions.
  4. That the Academy will be a developing project by building football and other infrastructure.
  5. That both the public and private sector will welcome the X Academy initiative and support it.
  6. That assistance and funding will be made available for the resource of the Academy by whoever X Academy approaches.
  7. That the Academy will market the product of its sponsors and funding agents.


  1. X Football Academy will hereafter be known as ‘The Academy’.
  2. Aim of the Academy – The aim of the Academy is to organize regular junior football and associated activities for children from Lagos and neighboring Suburbs and their friends.
  3. Academy  Affiliation – The Academy  shall have the status of an affiliated member club of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) The rules and regulations of the Football Association and the NFA and/or any League or Competition to which the Academy is affiliated for the time being shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Academy’  rules.
  4. Academy Meetings – There will be an Academy meeting during the last week of each month, day to be agreed, commencing promptly at 17:00hrs at X Academy Office’s or at such other venue as the Academy management shall from time to time decide.
  5. Representation at Academy Meetings – Each squad must be represented by the manager or his nominated deputy, and any apologies should be registered to the secretary prior to the meeting. Any committee members who wish to attend will be most welcome.
  6. Voting at Club Meetings, The AGM and any EGM – Should the club management decide to put any issues concerning the Academy to the vote, each member of the management committee shall have one vote and each team shall have one vote by its manager or their nominated deputy. No one shall have more than one vote. The result of the vote will be on a simple majority basis on a show of hands. In the event of a tie the chairman shall have the casting vote. Accounts – The Academy’s financial year commences on the 1st November in each year and an audited balance sheet shall be produced by the Club Treasurer for general inspection no later than the 30th December immediately following.
  7. Players – Players will only be eligible to play for the Academy in league and cup matches when they have signed a correctly completed official league registration form, countersigned by Academy President or the Chairman, and paid the Academy’s annual registration fee. Team squads at each age group are restricted by the league. No player can be registered by the Club after (this particular date) in any season.
  8. Registration Rules – Any player registered with the Academy may not register with or play for any other club, registered with the NFA Division 3 League, within the same season, without first being officially transferred, as per the league rules, via the Club and league secretaries.
  9. Illegal Approaches – It is a serious offense for any club to attempt to induce a player already registered with another league club to join them in mid-season. Any club found guilty shall be liable to a fine, deduction of points or even expulsion from the league. Consequently, any player who is approached by a representative of another club during the course of a season MUST inform his team manager or the Academy secretary IMMEDIATELY.
  10. Training – Although it is recognized that players have other important commitments such as homework, school duties, school cubs etc., it is appreciated by the team managers if players make every effort to attend team training sessions on a regular basis.
  11. Care of Boots – It is extremely important that players take good care of their boots and make regular checks on their condition, ensuring especially that studs are not worn to leave any sharp edges. Regular spot checks are made by referees and boys will quite rightly be prevented from playing if their boots are considered to be in a dangerous condition.
  12. Match Days – All players (including substitutes) selected for a particular league or cup match will be required (a) to sign the official match card in order to ensure that only properly registered players have played, and (b) to ensure that they arrive at the pre-arranged meeting place at the correct time with their full kit.
  13. Squad Members – Attendance at matches by squad members who have not been selected to play is encouraged in order to give the team vocal support and to promote team spirit among the whole squad. It should be emphasized that all members of the squad are important to the team and any player not selected for any particular match must not consider himself unwanted in any way. A settled side is of course preferable and unfortunately only 11 players and 5 substitutes can be selected for any match, but opportunities will arise during the course of the season through injuries, unavailability etc. for EVERY registered player to establish himself as a regular member of the team. The team manager’s selection shall be final and binding.
  14. Unavailability – If, after confirming his availability for a forthcoming match to his team manager, a player subsequently finds that for some reason he is unable to play (e.g. injury or illness) he must contact his team manager AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that a replacement can be notified at the earliest opportunity.
  16. Postponed Matches – In order to avoid unnecessary journeys team managers will endeavor to contact all selected players as soon as they receive confirmation that any match has been postponed. The general rule therefore is that players must turn up for the match at the appointed time unless prior advice is received from the team manager to the contrary. However if any player is in doubt about whether or not a match will be played owing to poor weather conditions etc. he should contact his team manager for up to date information in this respect.
  17. Transport – The Academy is heavily dependent upon help from Team President with transport to away matches and any assistance in this respect is always especially welcome. General support for the team by parents, friends etc. at matches, both home and away is always much appreciated by the Club and more importantly by the players.
  18. Conduct – The Academy management is very keen on sportsmanship being shown by all players at all times, both on and off the pitch. Bad sportsmanship of any kind will not be tolerated and any players displaying unsporting behavior will be liable to immediate substitution or suspension by the Academy for at least one match. Dissent at a referees decision will particularly be frowned upon in this respect. A referee will not change his decision once made and constant dissent and moans will simply antagonize a referee. Any player guilty of foul or abusive language or unnecessarily violent play during a match will similarly be liable to immediate substitution or suspension, in addition to any fines or penalties which might be imposed by the league or regional football association. Players should remember whenever they are attending any event connected with X Football Academy, whether a match or some other Club function, that they are representing not only the Club but all the Local, State, and National level, and should always conduct themselves accordingly.
  19. Club Image – The image of the Academy must be foremost at ALL times, and managers will be held responsible for their own conduct, as well as their deputies, players and spectators. Constant tarnishing of the Academy’s image could result in the offending person being dismissed from the Academy.
  20. Fines – Player’s fines must be paid by the Academy and will result in the player being suspended from playing.
  21. Kit – All kit sponsorship must be via the committee and any such sponsored kit is the property of the Academy and not the individual squads or players.
  22. Financial Priorities – The first priority of each squad is to ensure that all it’s obligations as regards pitch fees, registration to the league and referees fees are met before any other financial obligations are undertaken.
  23. Registration – All teams at present are registered to the NFA DIVISION 3
  24. Age Groups – The Club will run teams in the age groups Under 12 upwards IF these teams can be organized and run cost effectively.
  25. Club Management – All nominations for the Club’s management positions and any rule changes should be declared in writing in a sealed envelope to the secretary a minimum of one Club meeting prior to the AGM.
    Positions available are:
    Assistant Treasurer,
    Trophies – Academy trophies to be awarded at the end of each season are:
    Club Man of the Year,
    Managers Player of the Year,
    Players Player of the Year,
    Most Improved Player of the Year,
    Most Man of the Match Awards,
    Club Man of the Year invites nominations of players who in the opinion of each team manager has helped to promote the good name of the Academy by example and effort, not necessarily ability or result – one nomination per team submitted to the full committee for one overall winner. All other trophies are one each per team.


This Code applies to all team/Academy officials (although some items may not apply to all officials).

Obligations Towards The Game

The team official should:

  1. Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
  2. Promote and develop his own team having regard to the interest of the Players, supporters and reputation of the national game.
  3. Share knowledge and experience when invited to do so, taking into account the interest of the body that has requested this rather than personal interests.
  4. Avoid all forms of poor gamesmanship.
  5. Show due respect to Match Officials and others involved in the game.
  6. Always have regard for the best interests of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion of the game and any particular aspect of it, including others involved in the game.
  7. Not use or tolerate inappropriate language.

Obligations Towards The Team

The team official should:

  1. Make every effort to develop the sporting, technical and tactical levels of the Club/team, and to obtain the best results for the team, using all permitted means.
  2. Give priority to the interests of the team over individual interests.
  3. Resist all illegal or un sporting influences, including banned substances and techniques.
  4. Promote ethical principles.
  5. Show due respect for the interests of the players, coaches and officials, their own Club/team and others.

Obligations Towards The Supporters

The team official should:

  1. Show due respect for the interests of supporters from both your own team and the opposition.

Respect Towards The Match Officials

The team official should:

  1. Accept the decisions of the Match Official without protest.
  2. Avoid words or actions which may mislead a Match Official.
  3. Show due respect towards Match Officials.


Coaches are key to the establishment of ethics in football. Their concept of ethics and their attitude directly affects the behavior of players under their supervision. Coaches are, therefore, expected to pay particular care and attention to the moral aspect of their conduct.

Coaches have to be aware that almost all of their everyday decisions and choices of actions, as well as strategic targets, have ethical implications.
It is natural that winning constitutes a basic concern for coaches. This code is not intended to conflict with that. However, the code calls for coaches to disassociate themselves from a ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude.

Increased responsibility is requested from coaches involved in coaching young people. The health, safety, welfare and moral education of young people is a first priority, before the achievement or the reputation of the Club, school, coach or parent. Set out below is The Coaches Association Code of Conduct (which reflects the standards expressed by the National Coaching Foundation and the National Association of Sports Coaches) which forms the benchmark for all involved in coaching:

  1. Coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of each and every person and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
  2. Coaches must place the well-being and safety of each player above all other considerations, including the development of performance.
  3. Coaches must adhere to all guidelines laid down by governing bodies.
  4. Coaches must develop an appropriate working relationship with each player based on mutual trust and respect.
  5. Coaches must not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  6. Coaches must encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behavior and performance.
  7. Coaches must ensure that the activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of players.
  8. Coaches should, at the outset, clarify with the players (and, where appropriate, parent) exactly what is expected of them and also what they are entitled to expect from their coach.
  9. Coaches must co-operate fully with other specialists (e.g. other coaches, officials, sports scientists, doctors, physiotherapists) in the best interests of the player.
  10. Coaches must always promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play) and never condone violations of the Laws of the Game, behavior contrary to the spirit of the Laws of the Game or relevant rules and regulations or the use of prohibited substances or techniques.
  11. Coaches must consistently display high standards of behavior and appearance.
  12. Coaches must not use or tolerate inappropriate language.


Players are the most important people in the sport. Playing for the team, and for the team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game. But players should not adopt a ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude. Fair play and respect for all others in the game is fundamentally important.
This Code focuses on players involved in top-class football. Nevertheless, the key concepts in the Code are valid for players at all levels.

Obligations Towards The Game

A player should:

  1. Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities, in terms of skill, technique, tactics, stamina and understanding the rules of the game.
  2. Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during a game, even if his team is in a position where the desired result has already been achieved.
  3. Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
  4. Avoid all forms of poor gamesmanship and time-wasting.
  5. Always have regard for the best interests of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any particular aspect of it, including others involved in the game.
  6. Not use inappropriate language.

Obligations Towards One’s Own Team

A player should:

  1. Make every effort consistent with Fair Play and the Laws of the Game to help his own team win.
  2. Resist any influence which might, or might be seen to, bring into question his commitment to the team winning.

Respect For The Laws Of The Game And Competition Rules

A player should:

  1. Know and abide by the Laws, rules and spirit of the game, and the competition rules.
  2. Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally.
  3. Resist any temptation to take banned substances or use banned techniques.

Respect Towards Opponents

A player should:

  1. Treat opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game.
  2. Safeguard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and rough play, and help injured opponents.

Respect Towards The Match Officials

A player should:

  1. Accept the decision of the Match Official without protest.
  2. Avoid words or actions which may mislead a Match Official.
  3. Show due respect towards Match Officials.
  4. Avoid using any foul, abusive or offensive language towards match officials.

Respect Towards Team Officials

A player should:

  1. Abide by the instructions of their Coach and Team Officials, provided they do not contradict the spirit of this Code.
  2. Show due respect towards the Team Officials of the opposition.

Obligations Towards The Supporters

A player should:

  1. Show due respect to the interests of spectators, from both your own team and the opposition, particularly young spectators.


As the governing body of the game, The Football Association is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the game at every level.
Football belongs to, and should be enjoyed by, everyone equally. Our commitment is to eliminate discrimination whether by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, color, religion or ability and to encourage equal opportunities.
The following policy should be at the heart of the Club’s activities:

  • X Football Academy is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the Club at every level. Football belongs to and should be enjoyed by everyone, equally. Our commitment is to confront and eliminate discrimination whether by reason of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, color, religion or disability.
  • Equality of opportunity at X Football Academy means that in all our activities we will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favorably, on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, color, religion or ability.
    This includes:

    • The advertisement for volunteers.
    • The selection of candidates for volunteers.
    • Courses.
    • External coaching and education activities and awards.
    • Football development activities.
    • Selection for teams.
    • Appointments to honorary positions.
  • X Football Academy will not tolerate sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behavior, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behavior is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.
  • X Football Academy is committed to the development of the program of ongoing training and awareness raising events and activities, in order to promote the eradication of discrimination within its own organization, and within football as a whole.


In the event that any member feels that he or she has suffered discrimination in any way, or that the Club Policies, Rules or Code of Conduct have been broken, should follow the procedures below.

  1. They should report the matter in writing to the Club Secretary or another member of the Committee, if your complaint is pertinent to Child Protection then address the complaint to the Club’s Child Protection Officer. This will then be dealt with by the Club Complaints Committee
    Your complaint should include:

    • Details of what, when, and where the occurrence took place.
    • Any witnesses along with there statements.
    • Names of any others who have been treated in a similar way.
    • Details of any former complaints made about the incident, date, when and to whom made.
    • A preference for a solution to the incident.
  2. The Club’s Complaints Committee will then arrange a meeting to be held at the earliest convenience so that all parties can discuss the complaint.
  3. The Club’s Complaints Committee will comprise of at least five Committee members of which two must comprise of either The Club Chairman, the Secretary or the Treasurer and in all cases of Child Protection issues, the Club’s Child Protection Officer, will have the power to:
    • Warn as to future conduct.
    • Suspend from membership.
    • Remove from membership any person found to have broken the Club’s Policies or Codes of Conduct.
    • Determine whether any Child Protection issues should be referred to an official body, i.e. The Police.

The Club Complaints Committee will not make judgement on squad and team selection issues.


  1. All Managers, Coaches, Players and Parents should read the Club rules. Ignorance is no excuse!
  2. All matters relating to discipline will be dealt with by the Management Committee.
  3. The Management Committee has the power to suspend and expel a Manager, Coach, Player or Parent whose behavior is unacceptable, both on or off the pitch or socially.
  4. Where appropriate, a Discipline Sub-committee shall investigate incidents, hear the views of interested parties and recommend to the Management Committee what action should be taken against offending persons.

All members of X Academy should acquaint themselves with the rules of the Club, which are on display on the Club website or available in booklet form from the Club Secretary.
The Management Committee shall have the power to suspend from all Club activities any member, which includes Management, Player, Parent or Coach, who shall offend against the Rules of the Club or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the Management Committee render them unfit for membership of the Club. Before any such member be suspended the Club Secretary shall give them seven days written notice to attend the meeting of the Discipline Sub-committee, which notice shall contain particulars of the complaint(s) made against them. No member shall be suspended without first having had an opportunity of appearing before the Discipline Sub-committee and answering the complaint(s) made against them, nor unless at least two thirds of the Discipline Sub-committee then present shall vote in favor of their suspension. No member shall be expelled unless at the recommendation of the Discipline Sub-committee under the aforesaid procedure and ratified by at least two-thirds majority of the members present at the Management Committee meeting.

This rule applies to members’ conduct on and off the pitch in all matters whether they are football or socially related. Any incident or problem should be fully investigated and action, where appropriate, taken in accordance with the rules.

All members are hereby informed that the Management Committee will delegate the responsibility for investigating and where applicable, deciding on any action to be taken for all incidents which arise in connection with the playing of a football match, whether immediately before, immediately after or during the match, to a Discipline Sub-committee. The Discipline Sub-committee shall consist of three elected Club Officials – the Secretary, one team manager and one other member of the Management Committee and shall be convened once an incident (or problem) has been formally brought to its notice.

In the case of incidents – caution or sending off – which occur during a match, these shall be dealt with initially by The NFA. The Club will review these at the monthly Management meetings and action may be taken depending on the severity of the offense. Matters requiring further action will be referred to the Discipline Sub-committee and the procedures outlined above will be brought into action. Where necessary, the Discipline Sub-committee shall decide on the action to be taken against the player and notify the Management Committee of this decision.

It is then the responsibility of the Management Committee to endorse and enforce the decision.

Pro Consultant Answered on April 2, 2018.
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