What you can do when Adsense ban your account

More often than not, people like me, who loves to Blog with passion also derives pleasure in earning in return, because, really it doesn’t make any sense that you sit down, more than 4hours daily to write articles, and yet, you have to borrow money at times from folks to subscribe the internet access, that is a bullshit!

When you can actually earn enough money to buy Houses in Lekki or Banana/Victoria Island in LAGOS, like Linda Ikeji does!

So i have been blogging for a while now and the Experience as been cool, but i always suffer banning of account, i think, i had more accounts (not less than 5) banned last year, and when google came up with the ideology of banning your URLs alongside your account, the whole thing became worse, because you might have build quality backlink to your site all while long and you have awesome contents hosted on it, but now, the major monetization program, just closed up.

So this year, i summon courage and started blogging again, and i have had not less than 2million Profits (calculating all my adsense pay since January to April 2017) but unfortunately, Adsense banned my account for no reason, last week Friday, but all thanks to God, i summon courage and appeal, but we all know, that does not guarantee that adsense will reinstate the account, but like God will have it (God sees my heart, Adsense is a major income source for me right now) the account was reinstated, about two days ago, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I was super excited!

To me, Adsense is yet one of the most flexible ways to earn good revenue on the internet, Especially, when you are skillful Writer, who takes pleasure in producing Genuine content for readers to enjoy and be Bless.

You don’t have to do much work than consistently coming up with original content and your earning keeps the Business going and if you grow like WealthResult (You could build Mansion with Adsense and build a media company as well).

I am so happy and so grateful to God, producing relevant content day and night, was not in vain, my effort wasn’t frustrated;

My Advice!

If Adsense ban you, it is not the end of Life, and no matter the reason, stated, try and appeal, you might be fortunate like i was to get your account reinstated with your earnings intact.

Also don’t play games with them, write original contents always and make sure they are relevant to your readers.

Then, be faithful, Do Charity! Pay your Tithe, in order to rebuke the works of devourer in your Business.

God Bless you.

Active Member Asked on June 1, 2017 in Business.
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Congratulation for getting your Adsense Account back. You guys should be endeavor to keep away from anything that will endanger your revenue sources.


Pro Consultant Answered on June 2, 2017.
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Yeah.. Thanks boss. Noted!

Active Member Answered on June 3, 2017.
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