Which Area of Agriculture is Most Profitable for a Small Starter?

I am a young man(25years) with a lot of interest in agriculture and a little capital that can help start up,  i basically have no knowledge about what to invest in or which part of this business is safe with a regular profit rate. I just need your help and pointers in the right direction. Thank you

New Member Asked on July 17, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Cassava farming will be most suitable for you. Garri is probably the most important food in Nigeria and the price is going up every day due to the increase in population and decrease in garri production in Nigeria.

Also, cassava is a seasonal farming. What I mean is that if you plant cassava this year you can expect to harvest next year ending. And when the time for harvest comes, you a whole lot of options with your produce. You may decide to sell it raw, process it into garri, fufu, and lot more, giving you quick access to your cash.

Tomato farming is another good option, within 6 months of planting, you are already harvesting. And you can harvest tomato up to 10 times before it finally whither. Cost of maintenance if very low and the demand for tomato in the market is good too.

There are a whole lot of farming business opportunities in Nigeria that you can explore, and many of them has been written about on this website. See the top 10 lucrative farming to invest into in Nigeria to get more ideas about the type of farming that may be best for you.


Pro Consultant Answered on July 17, 2017.
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