With A Shop Already Secured, Can I Start Okirika Business With N16,000


With 16000naira and a shop located at t-junction how do I start okirika business and be making great gain from it.another thing is this as beginner in this business what kinds of wears should I go for as to start selling.can I add selling of recharge cards cold water and drinks to it.i need an honest answer and other small things that bring great profit that I can sell along thanks

New Member Asked on June 19, 2017 in Business.
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Hi Esther, since you have secured a shop, you can start with 16,000 depending on your location, although, growth is constant in any business, you will increase gradually. You can look out for people who are already in the business, you can buy from them and resale in your location as 16000NGN won’t be able to buy a bail for you. Also, adding water and some other things in your location of business solely depend on you, if you want to add any other thing, its up to you. 3rdly, the area you are will determine what you can sale more, you can sale female leggings, male and female trousers for children and adults, tops too but don’t make the mistake of buying gowns cause the market for gown is very slow.

Active Member Answered on June 19, 2017.
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Thanks dearie.but are there other strategies i can use to sell this market faster.cos I have resign from my private teaching job where am being paid peanut money and meanwhile was advice to stay away from stress

New Member Answered on June 20, 2017.
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No business is faster than the other, it can only be if you strategies. Also, business is a stressful job until you get to a higher level of it, then you can be a little relief.

Active Member Answered on June 21, 2017.
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