Would You Advise Me To Invest In Catfish Farming?

I want to start catfish farming in Abuja or a surrounding area. At the moment I do not have a piece of land and will need to buy one or rent one. My starting capital is not very large.

Although I have heard that the business is very profitable if done right, I am not around most of the time as I travel a lot and will need to hire somebody to look after the farm for me.

New Member Asked on August 1, 2016 in Agriculture.
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I have to look after it

New Member Answered on August 1, 2016.
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Hiring someone to look after a business you just started is a bad idea in Nigeria. Many businesses has run down because the owners decided to entrust it to someone while going about other things. If you know you travel alot and unable to run the business by yourself at least for a start, I wont advice you to invest in the catfish farming.

Catfish farming is potentially profitable if you handle it very well. It is very difficult to get someone who will handle it very well with honesty for you in your absence. That’s my little opinion.

Pro Consultant Answered on August 1, 2016.
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