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Are you having self confidence issues? It is time to do something about it. The issue of self confidence is wide and it may just be the case of having no generic answer that can apply to everyone.

But when people look at their lack of self confidence, they normally tie it to one specific issue or issues that are closely related. Another way of saying this is that sometimes people can show lack of confidence in almost everything but there are areas that they show extra confidence.

In a way, this makes dealing with lack of self confidence easy. This is why some people can learn how to talk to the opposite sex because maybe a kindhearted or an exasperated soul put them through. The fact that they can talk to other people but clam up when it comes to the opposite sex gives a degree of hope.

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Your lack of confidence is usually tied to something. The thing usually has a name in many cases, people who exhibit lack of self confidence know the area where they exhibit it.

So, what can you do today to significantly boost your self confidence in areas you think you are lacking?

Step 1: Know The Area

This is not the solution but it is the first step that can be taken. You may need a degree in the relevant sciences to know the root cause but knowing the area in which a lack of confidence is displayed is something that is quite obvious. You tend to know the subject you have difficulties with and you know this to the exact topics you do not like. It does not make the problem disappear but it means a solution can be cooked up.

Step 2: Cry For Help

You do not cry for help to just anybody, you cry for help when the person who has what you are looking for is around. It is not about admitting that you cannot ride a bicycle but about admitting it to the right person. I do not have to tell you that in most cases, the right person will be someone you know can ride a bicycle and is available to teach you to learn how to ride.

You may know why you are not confident in one area and the reason might be something you are only willing to talk about if you are lying on a reclining chair, but nothing stops you from knowing why the other person is confident in that same area.

Step 3: Know The ‘How’ Not The ‘Why’

However, the issue is not really the why you are not confident or why the other person is confident but how the person is confident. It still boils down to being taught how to ride the bicycle; everything is in the how and the why is a secondary reason that may never need to be voiced.

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It is about showing you how to be confident in that area. The other person might need to let you in on some trade secrets with respect to the how and not necessarily the why because it is the how that is the action that must be taken. On the other hand, the why is about the introspection that might best be left on the reclining chair.

Step 4: The Action Of Self Confidence

The beauty about boosting self confidence lies in the action. It is all about taking action, just like learning how to ride the bicycle. You are the person that is going to take the action, just as you are the person that is going to ride the bicycle. You need the other person i.e. the confident person not just to teach you how but to give you confidence while learning how and this is why we get scared when they leave the bicycle.

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It is all in the action and the amazing thing with riding that bicycle is that the voice and presence of the other person, coupled with the fact that they are holding you or the bike makes you to keep pedaling. They talk you through it and almost every bicycle learning process under the right conditions occurs within that period.

The four steps will guide you in boosting your self confidence in any area of business and life. Of course, we are only talking about learning how to ride a bicycle, which is something some of us have given up on altogether. May be we came to realize that there are other means of transportation.

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