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      Seminar vs Lecture

      On a daily basis, seminars, workshops or meetings are organized to benefit the staff of an organization. In some cases the individual bears the financial responsibility paying for such seminars. In other instances however, an organization organizes seminar so that the staff can derive benefits that will make them contribute to the actualization of organizational growth. Its unfortunate however when staff fail to comprehend the message that a seminar was intended for.

      More unfortunate are individuals who pay for seminars so that they can acquire benefits that will make them more productive at what they do. There are those who pay exorbitantly so that they can better their lots in life by learning a skill, trade or other arts of making money. After the seminar however, their circumstances do not get better. They do not apply the things they have learnt and they do not get improved living conditions.

      Such ones give the excuse that the seminars are not in depth enough, that they are not educating enough to make them learn something new. The truth remains however that no person will organize seminar if he or she knows that the people will not benefit from it. Even before they announce the training topics, the organizers must be aware that many people are greenhorns in the areas the seminar will touch.

      The responsibility of gaining something therefore should go beyond the organizers, a weighty part of it falls on the shoulder of you the attendee. Instead of giving up that you will no longer attend such meeting or seminar, learn of ways that you can get the best out of them. Whether you are attending a seminar, a classroom lecture, a workshop or just a meeting, the tips suggested here will go a long way to help you get the best as you attend. Observe these six tips

      Prepare For The Seminar

      Even if the topic to be considered is totally strange to you, you can still do yourself a lot of good, by preparing well in advance before going for such seminars. Preparation will enable you to get your mind ready in anticipation of the event. It will help you identify the components of the theme and draw out likely sub-themes that might be discussed during the seminar.

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      As you pen down you personal anticipations, you might go ahead and carry out research on the internet or elsewhere about your notes. This type of research does not have to be in-depth, whatever you do peripherally will be okay to prepare your mind for the main thing to be gained from the seminar.

      Do not make the mistake of viewing such preparation as a waste of time, Advance preparation can help you a lot to easily understand ahead of the rest of the class. Even if the material being covered seem like a replica of your findings, it will still help to make you gain better understanding as it is being repeated.

      Be Physically Present

      There is no gainsaying the fact that it is vital that you attend a seminar that you or your organization has arranged. True, circumstances that were not anticipated may crop up, you need to do your best to attend still. Hence, it is important for you to prepare your works in advance so that you can meet up with the scheduled time.

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      Some seminars are advertised as once in a lifetime opportunity so that they can attract as many as much people to attend. Others are not just advertising gimmicks, they are truly once in a lifetime opportunity. When you are not present at such seminar because you did not plan your affairs properly, you may end up losing that once in a lifetime opportunity. Whatever you may be doing, ensure that you are present.

      Be Punctual

      Punctuality, they say, is the soul of business. If going late to appointments have become an addiction for you, you may need to break that addiction (at least temporarily) so that you can benefit from the seminar you are attending.

      Some make the mistake that the end of a seminar is the peak or climax where they will get most of the benefits, hence they go late to the program. This is a mistake truly as they will miss out on the background information being offered at the beginning. The information they glean may not be enough for them to get started.

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      Apart from the fact that lack of punctuality may make the latecomer miss out, others present in the audience tend to be distracted as they make room for the late comer to be comfortable. So it is not enough that you are present, you have to be there in time.

      Pay Attention

      There is nothing as time wasting as coming for a seminar only to be distracted by other things. You have not just wasted time, you have also wasted other resources such as money and energy.

      There are so many things that can cause distractions for someone attending a seminar. Sometimes, these are not found in the room where the seminar is taking place. They may be as a result of things worrying the participants before he or she leave home. Family problems, financial anxieties, sickness, etc. Whatever it is, it is better to leave it aside and concentrate. If you do not, you may end up wasting the money paid for seminar, while your problem still remains unsolved.

      Sometimes however, people attending the seminars and other sounds in the surrounding can cause distractions, do not allow such to prevent you from getting the information that may equip you for life. Pay attention!

      Participate In The Class

      When attending a seminar, do not stop at receiving the instructions passively, endeavor to participate as much as possible. Some seminars and workshops will require that the trainees receive practical information and guidance to make them grasp and understand better. You should not just attend such seminars with the aim of just listening. The preparation you have made at home will make you participate actively.

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      The homework you have done will also help you to ask questions that are important, especially the ones that the instructor might have overlooked. It does not mean the facilitator are not knowledgeable enough, it simply means that you are conscious enough to have asked such intelligent question. You will not just be benefiting yourself, you will be offering the benefit to others in the class. So participate.

      Practice What You Learn

      As soon as you get done with the seminar for that day, it is pertinent that you look for ways to apply the things you have learnt. As a matter of fact, it is better to determine ways through which you will make application even before you go for such seminars. This implies that you should not procrastinate in making application of the things learnt.

      Apart from the fact that it shows a level of irresponsibility on your part, others who are fast enough may quickly have their works published and lead the market. Delay may be dangerous.

      What is more, you cannot be fully skilled at what you have learnt at the seminar without practicing it. The more you practice, the more you will get to improve your skills.

      Are you attending a seminar anytime soon or later? Applying the 6 “Tips” discussed may be of great benefit to you. Are you organizing a seminar? Brushing through these points before you get started can serve to benefit you and your students. Whatever success you have recorded, I would be glad to hear from you.

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