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    There are people who do not know how to talk. This is something that can be remedied without much sweat. You need to work on your talking skills because your current job could be dependent on this.

    We should start from where it would hurt the most. Bad oral skills could be the fastest lane to becoming jobless. Anyone that does not know how to talk would know how to offend and how to misinform. And may do this without being conscious of it, which make it worse. If you are conscious of what are doing, it would imply some degree of intelligence, even when it would be self-destructive. But when it is done without being conscious of it, it means the situation is indeed critical.

    You offend because you do not know what, when, where and how to say things as well as who to say whatever you want to have said. You misinform because what you say can be easily misinterpreted to mean something else.

    Talking Skills Helps In Relationships

    Relationships should make you more tolerant. It should make you more understanding. It should make you willing to go the extra mile for the next person. It should make you become a diplomat trying to calm the ruffled nerves of others that are bristling at your partner.

    There are so many things relationships are meant to provide and you will be able to provide all that to your partner through effective talking skills. Putting your partner through all of these wouldn’t be possible if you have bad oral skills.

    Steps To Knowing How To Talk

    This has to do with saying the wrong thing and it is a function of content and environment.

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    What to say is content. The content has to be linked to the environment. It is to be either wrong or right. You must learn how to measure your content by measuring the environment. The content is very important but without the right environment, your content may be rendered useless.


    Environment has to do with the who, when and where. The who is the person involved. The when can have the who but not necessarily and it has to do with timing. The where can involve the who and the when but not necessarily and it has to do with the location. Let us stop here. We will get back to it when we looked at the function.

    The Function

    The function has to do with the how. The how is the key to your door of success in your talking skills. It is the most important item that marries the others together in a union that could either destroy or build your talking skills.

    The Perfect Brew: Content + Function + Environment

    When they are properly mixed, what you get is a perfect blend of talking skills that will rival anything from anyone. You content has to be measured with respect to the environment and that can only be done by perfectly situating the function. It is not just about knowing what you want to say, when you what to say it, where you want to say it but how you have to say it.

    This may sound a bit confusing. If the ‘where’ is not right, do not say it. If the ‘who’ is not alright, do not say it. if the ‘when’ is not right, do not say it. The how can work if any one of those is just right. You contribution can light a bulb. What do you have to say?

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