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    Do people listen when you talk.? Everyone will readily answer yes to this question because no one wants to come off as unimportant person, but the truth is that some people have the natural ability to command attention through their speeches. Are you one of such persons? Do people tends to breath fresh air of relieve whenever they listen to your advice? If your answers to these questions are genuinely yes, then you might just be a naturally gifted motivational speaker!

    It is certainly not wise to sit back with your God’s given talent and wallow in poverty in this era when other people are making millions with their own talents. That will be the greatest foolishness. Motivational speakers are making millions and will continue to make millions even in time to come. So, what are you waiting for?

    Most musicians in Nigeria are smiling to the bank everyday because they have discovered and applied their singing talents to their own advantage. Comedians, actors, footballers, bloggers, and other sports men and women are all living big because they have mastered how to make good use of their talents in various ways to make good money.

    All over the world, motivational speakers are earning big and some have built amazing wealth just by speaking to people the right words at the right time and Nigerians are not left out, there are great motivational speakers in Nigeria who have created space for themselves in the industry and are making millions of Naira from it. Prominent among them is Fela Durotoye who have been able to go places, create wealth, and inspired others to do the same; all through his ability to speak the right words at the right time and to motivate!

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    The power of motivational speech can never be over-emphasized! A good motivational speaker can motivate a dying soul to live again, and inspire a dummy to perform like an Athlete. There is nothing as refreshing and reinvigorating as carefully chosen words spoken at the right time by a crafty speaker.

    Even in my own little ways, I have been able to motivate people who seemed hopeless in their life to become useful to themselves again. Helped to fix damaged relationships, and pulled businesses from the dust! I have been able to do all of these through the power of words of mouth.

    There is no better time to speak to people and make money in the process than now that most businesses and careers are falling apart, families are being broken, and people roaming the streets wearing sad faces. People needs to be inspired to reach their high and lack of proper motivation could damage great potentials.

    A word spoken at the right time can change someones outlook towards life and help make their world a better place. This is the right time to create value in people’s life by motivating and inspiring them and get rewarded with wealth.

    You will be pleasantly surprised at how many people out there who are willing to pay for your services if you’re truly good at what you do.

    A professional motivational speaker usually charge companies and organizations about N1 million per session to motivate and train their staffs while some charges per head and peg their fees at N20,000 per participant. A USA based speaker who came to Nigeria few years ago charged a whooping 1million naira per participant and a good number of people attend!

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    So, the amount of money you make depends on you and your brand – that’s why the first thing you need to work on as an aspiring public speaker is your brand. Now, how do you proceed to make a successful career out of motivational speaking?

    Tune Up Your Public Speaking Skill

    You must have considered yourself to be a good speaker by nature, that may be the reason you are giving this a thought but, you must understand that a good speaker in private settings may not be good enough when it comes to public speaking. If possible, get yourself attached to an accomplished motivational speaker to learn how motivational speaking is done both in delivery and in business sense.

    Tuning up your speaking skill doesn’t mean clamming popular quotations and churning them out in public as if that will impress anyone! I like motivational speakers who speaks naturally and from the heart, that is who I am. It is good to put out useful quotations here and there during your speech but by all means, do not make your speeches all about quotations. You must deviate from trying to be someone else if you really wants to achieve your full potential in this niche.

    There is huge difference between being a talkative from being a motivational speaker just as there is huge difference between noise and music, and between Noise Makers and Organized Speakers. Be sure you know who you are. A gifted speaker may not need much training in this regard because it comes naturally most times. Yet, you still need to improve.

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    Read Books! I mean plenty of books on any topic not just on public speaking. A good speaker is one who is well read and experienced. It takes many books to write one book and speaking is like writing a book. Read many book to learn how to write your own book in the sense of public speaking.

    Listen to Audios! You need to listen to good public speakers and learn how they speak and manipulate words. Good diction is a very important trait in public speaking, listen to quality audios to learn proper pronunciation and the correct use of words.

    Speak Simple! Learn how to speak in a simple and understandable language and avoid confusing your listeners with “Self Educatedness” that is the word I coined for the thoughtless use of high sounding words. You need to learn to avoid too much use of flamboyant words if you do not want to be alienated from your prospective audiences. I hate gigantic speaking and I know many people do. Just be a simple speaker and you will be admirable in the eyes of your listeners.

    Once you’ have taken two or three months to horn your skills, the next step is to brand and market yourself effectively.

    Brand Yourself As Professional Motivational Speaker

    In business, brand is everything! You need to sell yourself first before you could sell anything. Motivational speaking is a business, you need to brand yourself perfectly if you hope to sell your services to your would be clients. How do you go about this most important aspect of your business?

    Use Social Media! Create attractive and compelling Facebook and Twitter pages. Take enough time to edit your pages and make them worth seeing, add pictures of your previous events if you have any – let your photo albums tell stories about you in a professional and positive ways. Use the best of your photos as profile picture and page covers. Let people see who you by just seeing your profile.

    Take time to carefully describe who you are and where you are coming from in your about me page. Whenever you write one the social media, write with correct spellings. Do not follow the ongoing trends among some social network users of using wrong and funny spellings, write like a professional you are.

    Always Tweet and update your Facebook status with inspirational quotes and motivational excerpts. Social media holds more prospects than you can ever imagine, the people you meet online may turn out to become your clients in future or be the ones to recommend you to clients.

    Start Blogging! The most powerful brand building tools online is your blog, and blog has a way of giving you credibility as well as multiple source of income. You can sell your speaking services through your blog and still make money off the blogging itself.

    Steve Pavlina is a renowned motivational speaker and a blogger, he makes more money from his blog than his speeches. Set up a blog today and write inspirational articles regularly, there is no better way to build your brand than this! People will read those articles and if they are inspired, they may want to go the next step with you!

    Go on Air! If possible, negotiate regular slot on Radio and TV and talk to people. Let them hear you talk, the quality of your speech will be the connecting factor between you and the prospective clients and the public in general.

    If you’re to appear on TV, do not dress shabbily and go on air, dress tastefully and well groomed. There is no faster way to build and market your brand than the radio and television. When people hear and see you, they get connected with you.

    Seminars! You can as well organize seminars and charge people to attend.

    Once you’ve done all these, it will be time for you to seat back and watch the naira or dollars (whichever one you choose) rolling in. How much you charge depends on your demand, start small but don’t portray yourself as being too cheap. I wish you the best as you make effort to build your motivational speaking career!

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    • Anonymous January 21, 2014

      Your write up is so down to earth and nice thanks.

    • alex joshua February 10, 2014

      I really like this sir I could really use ur advice coz I also want to be a motivational speaker

    • Robert Jacko June 12, 2014

      Thank you for sharing the information. Motivational speakers have a great skill of motivating people as well as also have the skill to promote the business to the target audiences. There are many firms who are providing the service of motivational speakers for the promotion of business who is providing the service of personal branding, motivational speaker for the promotion of business.

    • Anonymous October 3, 2014

      Thank you thank you thank you

    • Benjamin Emedike May 8, 2015

      Thank this article, it's very detailed

    • Victor May 8, 2015

      wow! This is great! I can confirm that having a blog is one of the best ways to get started as a motivational speaker. In addition to everything you've said here, i feel i should add that passion is a must have for all aspiring motivational speakers.

    • Charles January 27, 2016

      Thanks for this,do you train people, been longing to see someone who can guide me through.

    • dammy June 13, 2016

      i really want 2 be a motivational speaker 4 teens and children. but the problem is that though i speak good english on the average but whenever i see crowd i miss my lines. how do i deal with this?

    • HAKEEM August 27, 2017

      wow.thanks so much for this article you a really great man,thanks so much ALMIGHTY ALLAH WE ADD MORE WISDOM IN YOU,

    • Robb September 1, 2017

      A good piece, very inspiring and motivational

    • Coach Toba Edward September 23, 2017

      This is a wonderful piece from you sir….also a motivational speaker but I am still an amateur in the business, looking forward to be the world greatest motivational speaker. To connect to my page follow me @IG #iam_coachedward#
      and Facebook page @people empowering people.

    • Peter October 29, 2017

      Great one sir. I really appreciate your motivation.

    • chimene October 30, 2017

      nice write up bro… you are right i was a shy type before, but when i started organizing seminars everything change…if you want to join my motivational team call us… if you also need a blog website contact me here 07033924944 or whatsapp me
      admin you are doing a great job. one five bottle star for you

    • idorenyin June 13, 2018

      thanks, i really like this. your words have encourage me

    • baridura B December 19, 2018

      thank you so much sir, is some thing in me already to motivate and encourage people. thanks so much for this piece of words you just deliver to keep us going. here i am looking for ways i can earn a little from my great talent. i have made a lot that thought there was no way to have hope and confidence that they can still make it through my motivational words. Yes today i am very happy because i also serve as a motivator to myself.

    • Thank you very much
      Please, how much do i need to start

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