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    Self improvement in making smart choices should not be left to chance. It is one of the areas many would love to improve on in their decision-making. This article is all about how you can improve on making smart choices.

    Have you ever been in a situation where you looked back and wondered why you did what you did or say what you said? There is something in the fact that you looked back and reprimanded yourself or thought on how you could have been  ‘not so wise’. Anyone can consistently make smart choices. The fact that you regret some things you have done shows that you have the capacity to make smart choices.

    Below are some of the tips that could lead to better self improvement in making smart choices.

    Time Lapse

    We have said making smart choices should not be left to chance. This is what most have at their default mold and we want to do a bit or resetting to adjust that mode to something that is closer to making smart choices all the time.

    The first thing we want to look at is what I would call time lapse. Remember when I asked if you had ever looked back at an action you took or did not take and regretted to not have taken those steps? What I want to ask you is when did you realize or come to that point of asking yourself that question? We want to look at the time lapse.

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    This is the period between an event or lack thereof and the consciousness of taking the wrong decision i.e. not making the right choice in that event. There are people who take almost a lifetime before it suddenly occurs to them that they made a silly decision over an event that took place eons ago. There are instances when this self-realization would happen a year after. There are instances when it would happen a week after and there is of course instances when it would happen almost immediately.

    Does the time lapse between an act and the consciousness of making the wrong choice matter? I cannot say it does categorically but since we are talking about how to start making right choices, I would say it matters with respect to the context we are dealing with.

    The time it takes you to realize you just made the wrong move implies that certain things have taking place

    Use Your Head

    You have been thinking about it in a critical manner. You are not just thinking about the move in a myopic sense but have been looking at your action critically. Unfortunately, there are people who will not regurgitate their action and analyze it to see what they should have done better.

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    If they bring it up, it will be to dwell on every other party involved and make others the culprits. The only way they see themselves are either as the justified victim or the person that is naturally right. It is hard for such a person to start making smart choices.

    You Got Feedback

    That is, you probably got a second opinion on the matter and realized that you made the wrong move. Now it is great to be able to listen and accept the opinion of others and acknowledge a wrong. You may not have been aware of all the facts and what these people tend to do is to lay it out in such a manner that you overlooked. It still works to make you smarter but this is not where we are going.

    We want to dwell on the first part that has to do with self-realization because you may not always have people around you that would want to point the wrong they noticed about you. You may not even like to have such people around you so self-realization is the way to go.

    But how do you come to self-realization when it comes to making smart choices?

    Be Aware That You Are Prone To Dumb Choices

    Set this awareness on default mode and you will be on your way to critically analyzing your actions and words before you take or say them. It is not about saying you are dumb or making a confession of it but being aware that you are prone to it. You do not have to say it.

    There are people who are aware of how they over-react or their how they get angry. Some have a self-awareness that is so sharp that they will tell you the exact conditions or the things that can mix to produce one thing or the other in them. If you check such people out, you will see that they try to avoid such “perfect” conditions from happening around them because they know how they will react. The first and probably most important thing you have to do is to be aware that you are prone to dumb choices.

    Analyze This: Why

    Can you look predict the conditions that makes you to make a dumb choice. Can you look back at the dumb choices you have made and find similarities with the conditions that unfolded? There could be something there.

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    The person that knows the conditions that make him or her to get angry knows how to throw a cog in the wheel of the process that creates that anger. Knowing the conditions that creates dumb decisions will give you the ability to throw you own cog in the wheel of that situation.

    Possible Guesses

    May be you take a dumb decision anytime you fail to grasp what someone is saying or the implication of an event. May be you fail to grasp what they are saying or the implication of an event because you are too fast to speak. You love to hear your voice.

    Whatever you notice about those times would naturally bring up a countermeasure to deal with that issue. The fact that you now have an awareness of being prone to take dumb decisions when certain conditions have been met will make you to be more circumspect when you start seeing the signs.

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