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In Nigeria today,  many individuals are associated (directly or indirectly) to different kind of games, these range from indoor games, outdoor games, and video games. Nigeria harbors game enthusiast and these can be used as an advantage to entrepreneurs who are looking for viable business that can generate profit in a small amount of time. Computer game center business is quite lucrative in Nigeria, you only need to know the nitty-gritty of its startup and operation and you can be sure of a viable business.

What Is A Game Center?

A game center is a place where activities of indoor (and maybe outdoor) games take place. a place where game (video, board) fans meet to play games against each other. Video centers are quite common in Nigeria, some of the game centers has outdoor games (swimming pools, tennis court, Golf, etc) while some just focus on the indoor games.

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The reality is;indoor games are cheaper than outdoor games. we will focus,however, on the indoor games.

What You Need To Startup A Computer Game Center?

First of all, get a good location. It could cost you the rentage of a big space. It should also be located in a domestic area; this is because your prospective clients are located within the domestic axis. You need to be well informed about the features of games that you intend to use. We suggest video games, board games as well as snooker game. The cost of setting up boils down to the following.

1. Big Open Indoor Space

This could amount to N 300,000 /year depending on the area you want to set it up in.

2. Television Sets

It is advisable to start with 4 sets and, of course, the television set should be of standard quality. this could amount to about N300,000 for the sets.

Standard gaming furniture is also needed. This includes comfortable chairs, good tables, and quality appliances such as stabilizer, socket extensions, etc. We evaluate all these to cost N200,000.

3. Game Consoles

You need four set of video games to start with. you can get a new Sony play station 3 for about about N60,000. the price for 4 should amount to N240,000. you should also ensure that you download games on the hard drive of the game system, this will ensure that you don’t spend so much on buying game Compact Dics (CDs).

They don’t only cost more, they also have tendency of spoiling or make the lens of the console wear, and you might soon find yourself running back to the market to either buy lens, or more CDs. You also need to get a snooker table, coupled with some board games like chess, monopol, e.t.c.

Generator Set

You need a power generating set that will serve as an alternative power source should PHCN light should go off. This should be estimated as N150,000.


You will be needing an advertisement post in front of the location. You should also get another post at a public stop. The cost of these should be approximated at N30,000. You should know that you will pay LASAA (Lagos state signage and advert agency)  you should also consider making flyers that will reach out to the gaming public.

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Budget 1 million naira for the cost of setting up your computer game center

How To Run You Computer Game Center

You should start by employing 3 people that will ensure the efficient operation of the place. these people should be well knowledge in the handling of hospitality. You should also get a consultant technician that will ensure the smooth operation of the Equipment of the place.  You should ensure that your prices are quite competitive, ensure also, that you deliver best of quality to your customers.

How To Keep Your Customers

You can keep your customers by firstly getting information from them on what they really like. try and meet up with their desires. you should also create tournaments, competitions. This will make customers to be attached to your place. You should also ensure that your customers are treated special.

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You should also create special package for them, like play 3 games and get the last game free, etc. This will encourage them to come back and play more games from you.

How You Make Profit In Your Computer Game Center

Get competitive price and fix a good price for your games. video games should cost N50/10 mins game and snooker board should also be the same price. Board games can go higher (because the games tend to use up more time) to N100 each.  Here is the breakdown of the viable profit you can make in an hour

1 PS 3 console game = N100/ 10 minutes (2 players) =N600/ Hr

4 PS 3 games = N600 X 4 = N2400/ Hr

Snooker games = N100/game (2 players, at least 3 games in an Hr) =N300/Hr
Board games = N200/game (2 players, at most 2 games in an Hr) = N200

2 Board games = N400

Total viable profit / Hr (peak period) = N3100.
Average = N1550/Hr.

Get Started Now

As soon as you have read this article and have the capital. It is a very good business and it has the capacity of taking your investment to greater heights.

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  • Anonymous December 3, 2014

    Good idea Darlington
    Game Centre is a money spinner if closely monitored.

  • allweather blog January 3, 2015

    Nice one for an entertainment business. You get to play your game and make the money. Great research you have got here Mr Omeh. More greese to your elbow

  • therealjibs December 16, 2015

    This is good stuff bro. Very aptly written.

  • Emmanuel April 20, 2016

    dear Darlington over the years I have fallen in love with your write up. I remember back in year 2013 I have an ambition of starting a game centre but still very unsure how profitable it is. in d process of researching I stumbled upon your article on starting a game centre, after reading through it I was filled with confident of making profit and I have the courage to start. today I can say I never regret d decision I took. and I say a big thank you. may the good God continue to nourish your knowledge. I love u bro

    • Darlinton Omeh April 20, 2016

      That’s a nice one Emmanuel, I appreciate the feedback and commendation. Keep growing from strength to strength

    • Ezekiel June 11, 2016

      i will like to start the business in Ghana but im soo scared.. im starting with two systems, a ps3 on a 32inch n a ps4 on a 48 inch.. do u think i can mk it through?

  • Golden A June 19, 2018

    I already own a football viewing centre but struggling with low patronage unless on very big games. Do you think a game centre will spice things up? What consoles will you advise on, PS3 or PS4? I already have the other requirements including a good space.

    • Terry September 5, 2019

      Absolutely. You could get both the ps3 and the PS4, Just to target both markets

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